How To Close Apps on An iPad

How to close apps on an iPad

June 13th, 2015

Closing your apps on an iPad is simple when you know how:

The key thing to know is that just exiting out of an app does not actually close it as it remains running in the background.

Since the iOS 7 upgrade all iPads now have a form of true multitasking. This is what results in apps continuing to run in the background once you exit the app.

Too many apps open in the background can slow down your iPad considerably as each open app consumes RAM.

Don’t want to read? Watch the video guide below:

Close those apps correctly:

When you press the home button, the app is no longer focused but is still running, albeit in a lower powered state (think minimising on a Laptop or Desktop computer!)

To get around this, you should close your open apps regularly. Fortunately this is an extremely simple process and takes only a few presses!

Close iPad apps with these steps

Step 1. Double tap on your home button to bring up all open apps.

Open iPad app drawer

Step 2. Swipe upwards on the screen tile of any app to close it.

Close iPad apps

Alternatively, from within the app:

There is only 1 step here. When you’re done with an app, instead of pressing the Home button put five fingers onto the screen and then perform a pinch-in motion. This’ll shut down the app fully.

That’s all that you need to do to close your iPad apps. It’s a good idea to close all iPad apps every now and then to ensure that your tablet continues to run buttery smooth.

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