How to close apps on Windows Phone

How to close apps on Windows Phone

July 14th, 2015

Windows Phone supports true multitasking, meaning that pressing the Windows button doesn’t close an app but in fact leaves it running in the background.

This, as you’d expect, eats up phone resources such as RAM and CPU cycles as well as drains the battery life from your device, while providing the benefit of faster app load up times and true multitasking. It’s a tough pay off, and is definitely better having than not having, but you should still know how to close unused apps.

To keep your phone working at top performance, it’s necessary to close these apps regularly. Let’s take a look at how this is done.

Closing background apps

It’s an extremely simple and quick process:

Step 1. Hold the “Back” button for a few seconds.

close apps in windows phone

This will display the list of apps currently open. From this menu you can easily tap on an open app to return to it.

Step 2. Press the cross in the top right hand corner to close an app

Windows Phone multitasking

In the top right hand corner of each app will be a black circle with a white outline and a white “X” in the middle. Tapping this will close the app.

If you’re on Windows Phone 8.1 or newer, you can also swipe the app down to close it, if you prefer.

Close apps regularly!

After you’re done with an app, it’s highly recommended that you close it; you’ll see much faster performance from your handset making it less of a pain to use.

This method may change with the release of Windows Phone 10, and if so this article will be revisited to offer the new alternate solution. Be sure to check back then!

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