How to delete Android apps & bloatware

How to delete apps on Android

July 29th, 2015

You probably have too many apps on your Android phone. It’s okay, most people do; there’s a certain thrill with unpacking your new device to head straight to the Play store to install anything and everything you can without stopping to think about your poor memory card.

Fortunately, it’s extremely simple to recover from this sudden download compulsion when you realise that the majority of apps are time wasters at best and that removing applications is easy.

Why? Which apps?


Uninstall Android apps

A lot of people don’t know this, but Android slows down significantly when you have an abundance of apps. If you don’t use all of your installed applications then they’ll be taking up both space and dragging down your phone’s performance.

Alternatively, you may have a lot of “bloat ware”: apps that came pre-installed with the phone that you haven’t ever touched or thought about touching but that you can’t see any way to uninstall easily.

For both of these cases there’s a simple solution.

Uninstall downloaded Android apps


Remove Android app

If the app or apps that you’re trying to delete were downloaded from the Play store or another storefront such as Amazon then it’s easy to remove them.

You need to head into your Settings and scroll down to “Apps”. Tap it and a list of your apps will populate the screen.

From here you can either view in alphabetical order (default) or sort by size (tap either the context menu or the three dots next to the search tool and select “Sort by size”). This is useful for finding out which apps to delete; some apps may take up more space that you first thought!

Touching on any app in this list will bring up a few different options. To remove the application, we want to tap “Uninstall” and then “OK” in the pop up that displays.

After a few seconds the app in question will now be removed.

Uninstall pre-installed apps


Uninstall Android bloatware

Unfortunately if an application was already installed when you got your device, you usually can’t uninstall it using the process above.

You can, however, hide it from being displayed by disabling it. This is good as it reduces the amount of clutter on your home screen or app drawer.

To do this, head into your settings and then select “Apps”, as above. Then tap on the app that you want to no longer be visible and select “Disable”.

Alternatively, if your device is rooted, you can use an app such as System app remover to delete that pesky bloatware.

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