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How to close Android apps

July 29th, 2015

One of the selling points of Android when it first came out was true multitasking. This is both a positive and a negative on modern smart-tech.

The Positives

The good thing about true multitasking is that you can have multiple complex processes running at once. For example: you could be uploading a large file to YouTube or similar whilst also browsing Facebook.

This also means that switching between apps is quicker as they don’t have to close and reopen every time you accidentally tap that home button or similar.

The Negatives

A lot of people are unaware that multitasking even exists and as such are under the impression that pressing the Home button closes an app when this isn’t actually the case.

This means that a lot of apps are left open and performance can be bogged down from processes that are running but that are no longer being used for anything.

The Solution

It’s actually very simple to close your running apps. The exact method depends on the version of Android that you’re running and whether or not your device has capacitive buttons or not (IE, are they on screen or as a physical part of the device?)

Open the app drawer

If you’re running KitKat or higher then there’s a “Recent Apps” button replacing the old “Menu Context” button. Tapping that will show you what apps are currently open. You can then swipe left or right on an app screen to close it.

Swipe away apps

Alternatively, if you aren’t running a device with this “Recent Apps” button, you can hold down the home button for a few seconds to get to the same screen. Once again, swiping either left or right as if you’re removing the app from the screen.

This works for all Android smartphones and tablets.

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