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How to find out your wifi password

June 20th, 2015

Chances are you wont have memorised your wifi password. Sometimes it becomes necessary retrieve this for a new device or a friend to be able to access the internet. But you may be asking, how do I actually find my wi-fi password?

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Dont worry in this easy to follow guide we’ll look at:

  • The simplest method to finding your password
  • Tools and utilities you could use
  • Using your PC or Mac to do the hard work


Reading the base of your wi-fi router

By far the most simplest way to finding your wifi password is to look on the side or base of your wireless router. Depending on the make or model of your router it could look a little different to the one below:

router base

TechSpartan BT Home hub router

You’ll need to look out for one of the following terminology making sure to not confuse it with the admin key:

  • Security Key
  • Wireless Key
  • WPA Key
  • WPA2 Key
  • WEP KEy


If you can find this password on the router then type this down on the device you want to connect. After this is done you shouldn’t need to reconnect unless you choose to forget the network.

Using your PC or MAC to find the key

If the password is not on the base of your router or is accessible then you may like to try this method. (Using this method will require you to be connected to the router with one of your devices)

Windows Steps

Step 1 – Right click on the wifi signal icon

Click the wifi signal

Click the wifi signal

Step 2 – Click “Open Network and Sharing Center”


NEtwork and sharing center

Step 3 – Click on “Connections: Wireless network connections”



Step 4 – Click on “wireless properties” and then move to the security tab


Wireless properties

Step 5 – Check show characters and your password will be shown (You may need to enter your pc password)

Show Characters

Show Characters


Mac steps

Step 1 – Open launch pad and search for “Keychain”

Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 12.42.02

Search for keychain

Step 2 – Open the “Keychain Access” program

Keychain program

Keychain program

Step 3 – In the small search box, search for your network name and open it

Search for network

Step 4 – Check the “show password” box ( you may need to enter your admin password first)

Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 12.40.01

Show password

If these steps are followed then you should retrieve your wifi password. This can then be written down and retained for future use.

Tools and Utilities to find your wifi password

If none of these methods have been working for you then this will be your next best option. Using existing tools built into your router will enable you to reset the password.

Step 1 – Reset your router


Reset Router

To do this you will need to find the small reset button on your router. Doing this will erase the network settings and configure it back to the default settings. This button can typically be found on the back or bottom on your router. You will need a small pen nib or toothpick to push the pin hole button.

Step 2 – Hold this button in for 30 seconds

Hold down button

Hold down button

To ensure the router fully resets make sure to hold this button in for at least 30 seconds. You should notice the lights flash and turn of showing that the router has been reset.

Step 3 – Log into the router with the default information

Login to router

Login to router

Now that we have reset the router we can proceed to log into it. To do this you will need to find the default login information either online or on the base of your router.

You can use this database of router passwords to find the admin information for your device.

Once you have logged in you can find the security page of your router. Make sure to choose WPA2 as your desired encryption method and add a strong password to that. Now that this password has been set you can use it to connect all of your devices to the internet.


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