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iPad 3 Contracts

So you want to get an iPad 3 on contract. Well, if an iPad 3 is what you want then unfortunately you won’t be able to get hold of one on contract anywhere in the world anymore.


The iPad 3 was originally released on March 7, 2012 and has now been removed from Apples manufacturing process. However you’re in luck! Apple now offer new updated models all compatible with 4G networked contracts.

iPad 3 Contract Comparison

If you’re looking to compare deals on the latest iPads on contract then you can find out more in that section of this website.

What can I get instead of an iPad 3?

There are much better models on offer via contract from many network providers around the UK. The newer iPad Air & iPad mini’s give a larger scope in terms of use and function making them great alternatives to the iPad 3:

iPad Air iPad mini
Available in Silver and Space grey, storage options for the iPad air range from 16 to 32GB and offer many of the same features as the newer iPad air 2 models but at a reduced cost on contract. Although only including an A5 chip (one of apples older processors) this little power horse still supports Nano-SIMs and 4G capabilities making it perfect for taking out and about with you on one of the many UK provided networks.
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 So what are you waiting for? Compare a range of iPads on contract on our handy comparison page or take a look at the full range of tablet contracts that are on offer across the UK mobile networks.