iPad 4 Contracts - Comparing the Best Options

iPad 4 Contracts

If you are looking for an iPad 4 contract plan then we are here to assist.

The iPad 4 used to be a model on offer from Apple that was launched in January 29, 2013 however since then the iPad range has been replaced and renamed. The renaming has changed the available models to the iPad mini and the iPad Air.

If you came here looking for an iPad 4 on contract you won’t be able to find one anywhere on the web – however Apple have released newer, sleeker versions: the iPad air 2 and iPad mini 3.

Compare For The Best Deals

If you want to compare all the contract deals on the latest iPad tablets on contract you can find out more in that section of this site. There a lot of plans available from Apple currently and the competition between the different network providers.

iPad 4 equivalents

Although you may be a little confused by model types or simply can’t get a hold on the tablet you wanted, there are much better alternatives that offer much more in the range of tablet power:

iPad Air 2 iPad mini 3
Newest model in the range with a 9.7” retina display with the inclusion of Apples most powerful chip (A8x) leading to one of the smoothest performing tablets out there. Features a fingerprint scanner, 8MP camera and Full 4G on contract The smallest in the range with a 7.9” retina display featuring slightly less processing power than the iPad air 2 but still boasting many other features such as a fingerprint scanner, 5MP camera and Full 4G on contract
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So what are you waiting for? Compare a range of iPads on contract on our handy comparison page