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Galaxy Note 10.1

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The Tab Note isn’t Samsung’s flagship tablet but the bridge between budget and flagship. They feature decent specifications whilst not breaking the bank. In this case, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, we’re given a fantastic 10.1” display with as much RAM as a modern laptop.

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Features On The Tab Note

Samsung’s TouchWhiz UI adds a few really nice tablet-oriented features such as multiple app usage. As with all large Samsung android devices the S Pen enables you to accurately draw detailed diagrams or pictures while you’re on the go which is great for note taking or drawing over images on social media platforms such as Snapchat. Usage in this way is further emphasised if you take out a contract as you’ll have anytime access to the internet, rather than having to rely on open WiFi hotspots.

Getting a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 contract will ease the financial pressure of purchasing a tablet PC and allow you to access the internet at 4G speeds no matter where you are on the United Kingdom’s ever expanding LTE mobile network. This means that you can take full advantage of your brand new device’s web surfing capabilities.

Screen 10.1”, 2560×1600, 299ppi, LCD
Camera 8MP, 1080p@60fps, LED flash
Speakers Back facing stereo
Battery 8220 mAh, around 10h screen on time
Software Android 4.3, upgradable to 4.4.2, KitKat
Storage 16/32/64GB, microSD support up to 64GB
Year of release 2013

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