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Mobile Broadband Comparison Kept Simple

Getting the best mobile broadband deal is kept simple with our comparison engine. Simply set the sliders to your required criteria and the table will display for you the deals that most closely match what you want.

Internet access indispensable in our modern lives. Many of us break out into cold sweats (literally) within minutes if we cannot get access to the Internet when we need it. It has become so common place. For internet on the go there are a range of great options and deals.

Free yourself from the shackles you have on a fixed line, by gaining mobile Internet broadband access for your laptop or tablet.

There are many options to choose from with mobile internet connections. The most popular is the dongle. This can be used with most laptops and connects via the USB port. You can compare the best internet dongle deals on that section of our website.

For connecting tablets or multiple devices of any type, via wifi, a mobile wifi dongle can be used. Most of the mobile broadband providers offer this version of dongle. A particularly popular version is Three Mobile’s Mifi unit. You can compare mifi deals in that section of the site.

Reasons to Compare and Switch

For most it will be to get the best deal – the best value for money. Whether that is a pay as you go dongle plan for your laptop or a tablet contract that you want to replace you will save money by comparing the range of options available across the leading brands. From O2 to EE the plans vary considerably.

Through comparison you will find a variety of choices in contracts including long term and pay monthly deals. You have Pay as you go or PAYG packages at a variety of prices too. With PAYG the flexibility and choice is yours. In fact it can be a huge advantage for anyone who does not want to have a long home broadband and phone contract too. If you have a limited budget or light usage you could find a mobile broadband package is perfect.

What is Mobile Broadband?

For those just starting out:

Mobile broadband is provided through two means; Wi-Fi hotspots and USB dongles. With Wi-Fi devices you can use a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or game console with your device; in fact you can use multiple devices on the same hotspot device.

Broadband has changed over the years in several different ways. You now have to choose between 3G and 4G connections. You also have to wonder if 2G is your better option. The following packages supplied in the comparison table will help you determine what is available, but not why you might wish to choose a certain generation of connection over another.

For a short introduction simply remember that as you go up in numbers you go up in speed, but in the case of 4G you have limited access. 4G has not spread throughout the UK yet, although there is plenty of work to make the UK the best 4G network provider in all of Europe in another year or two.

Choose a type above to start using our comparison tables to help you examine the deals currently provided by UK network providers. With all the helpful tools and guides on Tech Spartan you can decide the best package for you and your family.

Available Types

You can choose between pay monthly contract plans and pay as you go plans.

With a monthly contract you are signing up to a plan that will last for at least 12 months. Most contract plans are available on either an 18 month contract or a 24 month contract. The longer the contract length the cheaper the data charges. Many of these plans do not require any upfront charge for the mobile router device. Data allowances of up to 50Gb are now available which you can view in our unlimited mobile broadband section of this site.

With a pay as you go plan you pay an upfront charge for the device and then top up with prepaid data. This type of mobile broadband is preferable for infrequent users who do not want to be tied to an ongoing monthly commitment.

Whatever type your are looking for we are here to make sure you get the best possible deal!