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Compare 4G Mobile Broadband Deals

Get the best deal available on fast mobile broadband with 4G.

4G mobile broadband is one option you have for technology and mobile devices.

4G stands for 4th generation in mobile wireless jargon. At the moment it is the most comprehensive technology available to consumers. With 4G a person has a secure all IP solution for broadband access, IP telephony, streaming multimedia, and gaming services. 4G also has the ability to roam within WLAN or wireless local area networks, and to interact with digital video broadcasting systems.

The difference between 4G and 3G is the transceiver and router properties. 2G and 3G work on a spoke and hub system, but 4G has a circuit switch infrastructure, meaning it can handle transceiver properties as well as remain a router for mobile broadband access.

All the UK networks offer a range of options for connecting via 4G on the go. The internet dongle is common device used. Compare dongle deals here. Mobile wifi devices are popular too with people looking to connect more than one device or a device that does not have a USB port. Compare mobile wifi deals here. With wifi bear in mind that Three Mobile refer to their 4g Wifi router as mobile mifi but it is the same.

4G Coverage

To be less technical all you need to know about 4G is its range. 4G has the best range of any of the mobile broadband technologies, with the ability to find a signal in many urban and rural locations regardless of any wi-fi hotspot that may be near. In addition to the distance away from signals you have increased bandwidth and better data transmission rates. 4G will soon offer 100Mbps wireless service. At most with home DSL technology using an optical landline you can receive 20Mbps. With 3G technology in wireless mobile broadband you have 7.2Mbps.

4G mobile broadband technology is going to be sold as “anytime, anywhere” with high data rates, high security, and premium quality as part of the package. At the moment they have the high security, top quality, and very high data rates. They have not reached the optimal 100Mbps quite yet for mainstream consumers. The reason this technology will eventually get such high rates is due to the global mobility support. They use satellites for a signal, much like GPS which provides you a signal even in dense woods, where 3G cannot make it.

Time will be imperative regarding the 4G market, since they have quite a few objectives. DARPA or the Defence Advances Research Projects Agency is responsible for the current testing and formation of the 4G network, mobile broadband, and mobile phone components.

At the moment 4G mobile broadband is still in its infancy when compared to 3G. O2 is one of the companies offering a test of the technology, but it is not out in force. Most dongles from mobile broadband providers are still going to use the 3G technology. There are also two other contenders in the mobile broadband market for the UK.

WiMax and LTE are trying to work in mobile broadband with technology similar to 4G. Opinion is split on these technologies and who has the better equipment. There is even some talk about combining the technologies in order to gain the best technology for consumers.

Consumers are going to need to watch what happens in the next few months to determine if 4G is really ready for launch. 3G has always had speed issues and can drop out rather quickly. When it drops out you have to reset it by plugging in the internet dongle again. It realigns the signal getting your internet connection back. 4G researchers are working to solve this and other problems to make 4G the best. Of course 4G will only remain the best until other technology is discovered or perfected for mainstream use.

To get a great on the 4g mobile broadband check out our comparison tables for up to date and reliable deals to suit your needs for whatever type of mobile broadband you chose. To compare all mobile broadband follow the link.