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Are you looking to connect via a laptop or other mobile device outside your home? There are often times when we need to have internet access, but we are not at home. If your mobile phone is not the ideal solution consider what the cheapest broadband dongles can do. Mobile phones are good for limited internet usage, unless you enjoy typing on a small keyboard. For many of us it is difficult and time consuming, though the mobile phone is easier to carry around. However, if you have business travel or games you wish to play, mobile devices like a computer are better for internet access and you will therefore need some kind of internet dongle.

The question most individuals have is how to find cheapest broadband dongles? Which provider offers the cheapest broadband dongles? How is this determined? You are in the right place to find the answers. The main purpose of this page is the comparison tool. This enables you to compare all available plans to identify the cheapest deals across the wide range of internet dongle plans at once.

With our comparison tables you can use our sliders to refine the results to fit exactly what you are looking for in your mobile internet connection.

Compare To Get The Cheapest Deal

In order to find a cheap broadband dongle you have to compare all mobile broadband providers for their products.

In a comparison you can look at the packages each provider has to find the cheapest broadband dongle. However, you may have some parameters you want met, which is where our comparison tables do the hard work for you.

Consider the quality of the device. You can get very cheap and sometimes free dongles if you select a contract dongle over a pay as you go dongle. However, whilst they serve their purpose for being affordable and obtaining internet access with ease, with the cheapest broadband dongle you have to worry about download and upload speed.

The cheapest dongle broadband may have 1.5Mbps download speed.

There are others on the market for a similar price with 7.2Mbps, so do not fall into the trap of cheap with less speed and quality.Quality brings us to the next parameter. Cheap may mean the quality of your internet connection is compromised.

You may find it is slower than it should be or you lose connectivity even when the signal strength is strong. With cheaper products you often have to unplug the dongle and plug it in again to connect back to the internet. It resets the device.

Consider what you will use the internet access for If you are a business user then you would be better off considering the high data business dongle options that are available.

It’s important to read dongle reviews to ensure you are getting a good product. Our comparison tables also give you an idea of speed listing the maximum speed you can expect to get from your dongle.

The three points mentioned here are things you need to consider in answering how you determine what the cheapest broadband dongle is.

If you are looking at the pound signs for cheapness and not performance or speed, you could be purchasing the wrong item and wasting your money. Likewise, you may find some companies charge you more for their dongles, even beyond what seems reasonable.

With our comparison site you can answer most of your questions regarding what broadband dongle is right for you. The dongle is just part of what you should consider. Three (3) is one provider with mobile broadband dongles offering free devices.

If you sign up with an 18 or 24 month contract, you get a free dongle. A month to month contract is 4.99 for the dongle. Our site has comparison tables for both pay as you go mobile broadband dongles and monthly contract dongles so you can see which price plan will suit your needs best.

Pay as you go options almost always charge you for the dongle device in addition to loading it with a certain amount of data allowance on the internet. The data allowance can be 500Mb or over 1Gb. Data allowance is always the download usage. In other words, it is the amount of time you can spend online browsing different pages.

It is referred to as download time because web pages are downloaded into the browser, albeit at a quick pace. Often you can get 1.5 hours and up to 24 hours with one dongle package.