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Mobile Broadband Dongles

To access the internet with a secure connection, anywhere in the United Kingdom it is necessary for you to have a mobile broadband dongle.

Many laptops, iPads, and electronic e-readers have internet capabilities built in. However, for these internet capabilities to work they require a sim card or other means of connecting to the internet. You can get internet dongles for this. Head over to our internet dongle section to compare deals.

Mobile broadband dongles are the system needed in order to receive internet access, even when you are not in a hotspot. The technology works with electromagnetic waves like radio waves. In order to tap into these invisible waves being sent out you need an “antenna”. Mobile broadband dongles have a small router and modem inside to work as the “antenna”. To get the best signal one needs to be near a service provider such as a cafe. A cafe produces the internet signal via their network provider. If you have an internet dongle you can tap into the signal, but use your own connection to make it a secured network rather than a public network.

Mobile broadband dongles are USB mobile broadband dongles because they use the USB port on your computer or other electronic device. They are simple and easy to use with the plug and play software they come with. All you do is insert the dongle into the USB port and the computer will install the software without prompting. Once loaded you connect to the internet signal via your secure WEP key and begin surfing the net.

Mobile Broadband Dongle Providers

There are several mobile broadband providers offering internet dongles to get you online. O2, Orange, Three, Vodafone, and T Mobile are a few of the top providers. They each have pay as you go and contract plans. You will need to determine what the best mobile broadband dongle is for you based on the packages available. Searching for a deal using our comparison table will help you decide which type of contract to go for, it is quick and easy to filter your search to make sure you get the deal you are looking for at a price you are happy with.

Our aim is to make it easy to compare mobile broadband plans with our simple to use comparison tables.

With T Mobile you have a pay up front package with 90 days of unlimited access. After 90 days you pay a daily rate for the amount of gigabytes you want to use for being online. Orange has a month to month contract option where you pay for what you feel you will need or up to 40 pounds per month. Other pay as you go schemes for mobile broadband access are based on an allotment of gigabytes per month. For instance, you may purchase one gigabyte for 30 days. If you use up one gigabyte you can purchase more and it will last 30 days or until you use it up.

Pay monthly dongle deals provide you with unlimited access in gigabytes based on the monthly payment you have signed up for. Often with contract deals you can find a free mobile broadband dongle or free laptop as part of the package.

Pay as you go plans usually charge ten pounds for the internet dongle. Some may charge more in order to give you the dongle, plus internet time right from the start. Once you use the allotted time you just “Top Up” the dongle with more gigabytes or time. To be secure and flexible in your mobile broadband use, mobile broadband dongles are required, as is a flexible service plan to keep you on the internet. Public access may be free, but it is unsecured.