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Free Laptop with Mobile Broadband Deals

Getting a free laptop with your mobile broadband is easy. In the past few years getting a laptop free by signing up to a contract Internet dongle package has become a very popular way of getting a free laptop. Many of the UK’s mobile internet providers offer monthly contract packages that include a free laptop with them. The table above has been filtered to only show you those plans that come with a free laptop.

There is a range of choices when it comes to the modem device. You have the popular internet dongle options and then you also have the wifi broadband plans. A broadband dongle can only be used to connect one device but with Wifi you can connect multiple devices. Three offer some great deals on their mifi mobile broadband product.

Owning an Internet dongle or a wifi device means that you can access the internet from your laptop or tablet whilst away from home or, work and even on the move.

You generally have two options when it comes to contractual commitment:

Sign up for a pay monthly package or get a pay as you go dongle plan where you pay an upfront fee for the dongle modem but then no ongoing contract. Just top up and use as needed. A pay as you go dongle is good for occasional use but they do not come with free laptops. For that you will need to sign up to a monthly plan. Most packages require a two year contract.

If you want regular mobile internet access then you can get a great deal by going for a plan that comes with a free laptop. A number of the leading providers of internet dongles have deals on at the moment where they are offering a free laptop if you sign up for a mixed term contract with them for your dongle. This represents a great deal as these packages are no more expensive than a standard contract dongle deal. However, you do get tied into a longer contract so the cost to you is the loss of flexibility in being tied to your internet dongle provider for at least one year and with most of the current deals two years.

We may be out of the recession but everyone loves a freebie so if you are planning to go for a contract dongle then have a look at the dongles with free laptops in the comparison and deal table above. For the dongle providers offering a laptop dongle for free gets them a long standing customer and gets you a great laptop which is effectively free.

The Free Laptops – Are They Any Good?

If you take a look at the specs of the laptops above you will notice that the laptops are in fact quite high specification with a number of them boasting an impressive 4G of RAM. Only a year ago the best you could expect was a free netbook but you can now get a fully fledged laptop with a free dongle deal. There are a couple of lower spec netbooks in the table which typically come with just 1G of RAM but these are still great machines and ideal for students and people that do not intend to run memory hungry games on their laptop.

So, yes the laptops that come with the various free laptop dongle packages that are available are good laptops. A few of them are actually great laptops.

If you look through the different free laptop options in the comparison table above you will see that the contract period varies between the different packages. Typically, the longer and more expensive the contract the better the specification of the free laptop or netbook that comes with the offer. The two leading providers of mobile broadband dongles that come with free laptops are Three and Vodafone. Both have some great deals currently available.

The other providers of mobile broadband do occasionally offer a free lap top deal as an incentive to push their sales but we think that with Three and Vodafone you are looking at the best two dongle providers that there are. It’s not just us here at that think this. Take a look at our visitor submitted reviews. They clearly favour these two providers as well. Although, it does have to be said that T-mobile are also very popular. Orange and O2 also provide adequate coverage so if you like their brands then they are not much behind the rest in our visitor reviews.

To make the most of these offers, you should compare the specifications of the laptops and the prices of the different packages. Do not forget to consider how long a contract that you will be tied into when you choose your next free laptop dongle deal.

More About The Packages

If you would like to find out more about free laptops and dongles then there are some guides and blog posts on our website that you can take a look at. If you have any suggestions or comments regarding laptop dongles then please feel free to contact us and share your thoughts with us and the other visitors to this Website.