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Internet Dongle Fans

Our experience is that the internet dongle is the most popular of all mobile internet connection options. This is largely due to its low cost. There are many cheap plans available. The USB device itself is very small which makes manufacturing it much cheaper compared to options such as mobile mifi, for example.

Here at Tech Spartan we aim to make it a pleasure to research and choose the best dongle deals simply and effectively.

Dongles have been with us for a few years and most of you will be familiar with the technology. For those that are not a dongle is a means of getting internet access on the go via a small device.

You may be asking yourself how does a dongle work with laptop:

It plugs in via the USB port on the laptop’s side

The technology first appearing on the market through their launch by Vodafone in 2007.  Its ease of use soon led to the decline of the then popular mobile data card.

This type of dongles have made getting on the internet whilst on the move  easy and affordable. You can choose from pay as you go dongle plans or monthly contract options.

In addition to the regular dongle you can also get internet access for multiple devices using a WiFi dongle which some people also know as a MiFi dongle.

These devices are a little larger and not as cheap as a standard mobile broadband dongle but act as your own personal WiFi hotspot providing internet access for more than one laptop or internet device at the same time. You can compare wifi dongles here.

Use our dongle comparison tables to easily compare the latest and best dongle deals across all of the UK’s internet dongle providers.

The Best Dongles are Seriously Fast!

Dongle speed has improved considerably in the last 12 months as the technology has developed. The download speed offered by the current internet usb dongles continued to improve throughout 2011 and now in 2012 it is possible to get connection speeds of up to 21.8Mb with the best of the current dongles. If you are curious about your existing mobile broadband speed then use our free speed test tool to check the speed of your current internet dongle provider.

The majority of the internet dongle packages currently available come with connection speeds of up to 7.2 mega bytes. A few still offer only 3.6 Mb but our experience has shown that unless you are very close to a signal mast you are likely to average about 3.5Mb across most of the dongles currently available.

That is more than fast enough to download music or upload video or pictures to your laptop and makes general web browsing super fast.

So fast in fact that many of the leading mobile internet dongles offer a speed that will often rival the download speed of your home broadband. This type of broadband dongle can therefore be used as a general purpose internet access point for both home internet use and whilst on the move.

However the data usage costs are higher than for fixed line broadband and so for home internet a mobile internet dongle would only suit the occasional home broadband user.

Compare to Save Money and Time

Finding the right internet usb dongle is kept simple when you compare dongles using our dongle comparison tables. We update our site daily to make sure that it provides accurate information on the best internet dongle deals available from each of the current providers of mobile broadband services.

Whether you want a cheap internet dongle or, a more expensive but ultra fast dongle you will find the best dongle deals here at Internet Dongle. We compare the different dongle offerings by category such as pay as you go dongle and fixed contract dongles.

All of the pay monthly contract dongle packages provide you with your usb dongle free of charge. With the pay as you go dongle packages you will have to pay a small fee for the actual internet usb dongle but they are still excellent value for the occasional internet user as you are not tied in to long term contracts.

We don’t just compare the best internet dongles and mobile broadband internet devices we review and compare a wide range of USB devices. Have a look at the pages below to find out even more about usb dongle devices used for purposes other than the internet:

WiFi Comparison – These USB dongle devices mean that you can get WiFi connectivity for any computer and experience the benefits of connecting to other devices as well as to the internet.

MiFi Comparison – These mobile broadband hotspot dongles are portable devices that are a bit bigger than a traditional dongle. They are provided by 3 and can provide internet for 1 or more laptops, or other mobile devices, at the same time. Vodafone now also provides its own multiple device mobile WiFi hotspot.

In response to repeated requests from our visitors we are now also reviewing sim only mobile deals and have included a section on this site for this and we have also launched a dedicated Sim only deals website where you can compare the best Sim only contract and pay as you go Sim offers.

For those interested in learning even more about dongles and particularly the internet dongle we have a range of further information.

More Info On Internet Dongles

On top of the fact that with an internet dongle deal you generally get the dongle free there is the benefit of more flexibility in terms of usage. This is because an internet dongle can be used whether you’re at home, in the office, or someplace else that is within your dongle’s coverage range.


A point to bear in mind is that for business dongles you should get a high data allowance.

The USB dongle units that these mobile broadband dongles use are compatible with both desktop computers and laptops and work  with all operating systems.

You have the flexibility through the wide range of mobile broadband plans to get a plan so that you can use the dongle on a regular basis, or just occasionally. Bear in mind though that with most of the pay as you go options there is an expiry period for the credit on the dongle. You can use your internet dongle when you are out and about with your laptop, or just for emergency circumstances. Another welcome fact is that the internet dongle does not need to be recharged because they run on the power from your desktop computer or laptop. This makes the use of an Internet dongle very flexible.

Aside from the advantages mentioned above, using an internet dongle today means having the opportunity to enjoy many of the further developments in dongle technology that are about to come. In the past couple of months alone, mobile broadband devices have become smaller and slimmer making them highly convenient and very appealing to use, especially as the trend in techie devices these days is to make them all micro.

In the past few years, download speeds for an internet dongle was limited to just one, two, and three megabytes. Therefore, USB internet dongles were recommended only for people who didn’t plan to stay on the Internet for long periods, such as those who want to browse the web for news or those who need to check their emails fast. However, these days, download speeds have greatly improved, with some companies offering up to 7 megabytes. Heavy downloading is now part of the market. Of course, the speed of the internet dongle depends on the strength of the signal; the farther away from the signal you are, the more likely the speed may be compromised. Nevertheless, with all the advantages you can gain, having an internet dongle is one of the best technologically related decisions you can make today.

Dongle Providers

These days, conducting your business and getting in touch with people has never been easier with a technology that allows internet browsing from practically anywhere you want to do it. Whether in the office, at your home or even on the white sands along the beach, internet dongle technology has revolutionised the way people access the internet and do the things that only last year would have to be done only from specific places like an internet cafe. To get the best dongle provider package you should take the time to compare internet dongle providers and review the different features that the different price plans and providers offer.

The primary step in deciding on a good dongle provider is to analyse whether you need a mobile broadband bundle or just the dongle itself. Some service providers offer good deals by giving free laptops with the dongle device, on the condition that you will agree on a longer contract term. Taking advantage of these offers can bring you enormous savings in the long run.

Reliability in terms of connection efficiency and sincerity in providing a professional customer service after the sale is of utmost importance. An Internet Dongle is useless if you frequently encounter connection difficulties.

What is more aggravating that the situation where you cannot get a signal just at the moment you need to pick up an email? Before signing up, ask your friends around for any reactions regarding the dongle provider’s service and connectivity to spare yourself from potential headaches. Compare connection reliability among several providers and narrow down your list.

Dongle Comparison Plus Reviews Make For Informed Decisions

When you compare internet dongle providers using our dongle comparison tables and dongle reviews, you will educate yourself as to the key factors to compare between the different internet dongles and the packages provided by the different broadband dongle providers. Dongle packages vary in contract lengths. Depending on your situational needs, you can choose to sign up for longer lengths, up to 2 years maximum or you can opt for a shorter period of a one month contract. For flexibility, you may even choose to purchase a pay as you go dongle and load it in advance with a prepaid internet access without being committed to a specific contract. You will realise the practicality of this option when you find yourself in situations when you are not in need of an internet connection but the broadband bill continues to run.

Finally, after taking into consideration factors about the service, connectivity, contract lengths and dongle deals, the last point to be aware of is about possible hidden charges. You should check the provider’s terms of service carefully of the dongle provider.


This page of our website aggregated all of the current internet plans but you can view just the cheapest deals if you want to.

If you want to find out further information relating to internet contracts and the terminology used in them read the internet contracts guide at Directly asking about the fees and other charges clearly signifies to the seller that you know the tricks of the trade as a buyer. This will make them more transparent with the deals they are offering.

With the internet dongle technology gaining a lot of following and rapidly evolving, the reason to get one for yourself gets stronger and more convincing. Time will come when even homes and offices will use internet dongles in place of fixed line broadband. For practicality, convenience and unparalleled benefits, it’s a right decision to compare internet dongle providers and to make use of the great things technology can offer.