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Dongles For Laptops

Compare Deals On Dongles Specifically For Laptops

For a great laptop dongle deal plan whether on contract or pay as you go use the comparison table above to filter the available packages. Find the right deal for you by selecting your price, dongle type and other requirements.

Dongles are a USB connecting mobile broadband device. They connect to your laptop via the USB port on the laptop.

They can be used for to access the Internet on the go.

When purchase a dongle from one of the UK mobile networks you are obtaining a modem that allows you to connect to a network provider wherever you have connection. Most plans come with a 4G connection but it does depend on location. You can check your coverage here.

The device will use the WLAN configuration or wireless local area network. It will search out the nearest internet access point, use the modem, and then connect you to the net with a secure, non public connection. Public wireless can be free from cafes and other hotspots, but it is quite often unsecured. It may also be slower because there are multiple users online. There is a potential for harm to come from unsecure networks, which is why flexible plans with laptop broadband dongles can be a better option.

If, on reflection, you decide that a laptop dongle is not the ideal solution for you,  visit our full mobile broadband section for a range of other options including mobile WiFi broadband. This device is ideal if you plan to connect more than one laptop to the Internet with the device.

is ideal for those who have devices without a USB port (such as a tablet) or if you want to connect multiple devices to the internet.

Contract Laptop Dongle Options

It is even better when you can find free laptop broadband dongles. Several service providers such as 3, Orange, T Mobile, and Vodafone have different packages. A few of the packages can include free laptop broadband dongles.

For example, if you sign up for an 18 or 24 month contract with Three Mobile, you can the broadband dongle for free. Some shorter plans require an upfront payment for the device. There is an incentive for signing up for the long term.

Usually it is based on the amount of time you have the broadband dongle contract because the company can make enough from you in 18 to 24 months to pay for the free device they have given you. Contracts may not be the best option for you based on your internet usage.

Pay as You Go Options

For those who use laptop broadband dongles rarely you should consider a pay as you go dongle for you laptop. A pay as you go plan is better for most casual Internet users as you are not tied to a monthly contract. Contract lengths can be up to 24 months.

Pay as you go means you obtain the amount of gigabytes or time you feel you need for internet access. You can add to that amount if you run out. The savings comes in having a specific amount for 30 days or more in which you can feel you are going to use the data allowance without wasting it.

For instance, with a contract of 15GB for one month you may find you only use 3GB in one month, but in another month you use 15GB. The data allowance will not carry over. You also do not have the flexibility with a contract to add more at a reasonable rate if you go with 3GB instead of 15GB for the contract.

Likewise, any unused data allowance will not carry over into the new month, so if you only used 3GB and had 15GB, 12GB is wasted.

If you plan accordingly you can waste less with contracts but some feel more comfortable with pay as you go options, the reason being you may need the laptop broadband dongle for a business trip outside of London. However, in the next three months you are not travelling, thus you do not need the access.

If you are paying on a contract you have wasted the three months or you may feel compelled to use them, but feel burdened.

By choosing a contract or pay as you go plan with laptop broadband dongles that works for you, you have the ability to feel comfortable with your internet access.