Dongle Provider Comparison

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Read More About Each Of  The Internet Dongle Providers:

  • Vodafone Dongles – offer the fastest of connection speeds.
  • Orange Dongles – have a very flexible range of mobile broadband plans to compare.
  • o2 Dongles – a good all round dongle provider.
  • T Mobile Dongles – some of the best priced dongle packages for you to compare.
  • 3 Dongles – probably the best coverage of all the dongle providers.

How to Compare and Choose Your Internet Dongle Provider

Here at Tech Spartan we make dongle comparison and choosing your internet dongle effortless. Our easy to use comparison tables enable you to compare dongles and all of the key features of the different dongle packages in one easy to view comparison table. You can read our reviews and use our dongle coverage tool to check the coverage levels for mobile broadband in your area.

With the development of the internet dongle, the Internet has become even more fun and convenient as access to the Internet whilst on the move is as easy as it is to access the Internet from home. Today, you do not have to be at home or within the coverage of a hotspot for wireless Internet access. Recent improvements in the technology behind the internet dongle now allows people to access the Internet with the use of Internet dongles at speeds that were previously reserved for land line connections only. There are many providers of dongles for the Internet and you can now compare them all here. All you now need to do to surf the web is compare and choose your dongle provider and then order an Internet dongle that comes in the form of a tiny USB stick.

The speed offered by an internet dongle may be a little slower than that of home broadband services but it is quickly catching up and currently speeds of up to 7.2 Mb can be achieved.

The average rate today ranges between 3 and 7.2 megabytes per second but with the rate Internet technology is going now, you will not have to wait long before dongle speed drastically improves further. Even now, some internet dongle service providers are offering speeds of up to 7.2 megabytes per second. That is just one megabyte slower than the average Internet access offered by home broadband so surfing the web via this Internet dongle would really be a breeze.

The crucial factor you would have to consider in choosing your internet dongle service provider is the signals it sends to your location. Since mobile broadband internet dongle speed depends heavily on the strength of mobile signals, without enough signal, you will not fully enjoy the benefits of your dongle Internet access. It is wise to compare Internet dongle providers first before fully committing to a provider. This requires a little research so you have to be patient. After all, once you pick the mobile broadband service provider that you like, you would not have any difficulties in accessing the Internet.

If you have your eye on a certain internet dongle service provider then check first if that company has sufficient coverage in your location. Even when you do not particularly like a internet dongle service provider but it supports your location with a strong signal it may be preferable to choose that one. A slow speed while using an Internet dongles would just take away all the fun and, convenience promised by the Internet Dongle so it is really necessary to compare Internet dongle providers carefully. Also give consideration as to whether to get a contract Internet dongle or subscribe to the Pay As You Go option offered by some providers.

Comparing Features for Internet Dongle Providers

There are many people who cannot imagine a life without a decent internet connection and it is not a surprise as it has brought internet access to a new level.

Providers have noticed the rise of people who depend on the internet and now each tries their best to improve their services, accommodating people’s requests and offering cheaper deals.
This is where an internet dongle comes in. What is an internet dongle? Basically it is a piece of hardware that looks much like a USB, only it provides mobile broadband internet access. What sets it apart from other types of internet connection is its convenience. As it has secured software, an internet dongle grants internet access whenever and wherever. This means that it can be used at home, at the office and even when the user is travelling. Some even have packages that offer dongles service abroad so it is best to compare internet dongle providers and their features especially for people who travel all the time. As long as the selected broadband provider has coverage where the user is going to, internet is just a plug away.

Internet dongle providers can either offer a pay as you go dongle connection or a contract dongles deal. Choosing the best package would understandably be based on the lifestyle of the person who is going to be using it. Contract internet dongles would provide mobile broadband internet connection with a fixed cost and fixed terms while pay as you go would have the basic set-up fee and pay according to how often users avail of the service. When people compare internet dongle providers that offer contract deals, they should be concerned about the features of the package.

When you compare dongle deals you will see for instance, the deals start with a 12-month contract, an 18-month contract or as long a 24-month contract. Most of the contract deals would have free items that come with them depending on the duration of the contract. Some would have free mobile phones as internet can also be accessed through them. Some even give away free laptops which would be most ideal for people who do not have budget to buy another computer on top of the desktop computer they already have at home and at the office. Other features also include free text messages that can be sent through the laptop. There are also unlimited internet dongle services for people who want nothing else but convenience and value.

For people who are satisfied with their local broadband connection, pay as you go dongle deals are more practical. This is because the mobile broadband internet would be for emergency purposes alone. For instance, users can access internet on their laptops when they cannot have access to their local connection by simply plugging in the internet dongle. The rate of the Internet and the coverage area should be checked to compare internet dongle providers. So find the right dongle deal that suits you by comparing dongle providers before you choose a dongle.