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The O2 dongles has provided millions of users around the United Kingdom the best option whenever they want to connect to the internet using their portable device. This is because the application of the O2 dongles has allowed many users to enjoy its services at the cheapest rates possible and without the hassle of installing programs which only take up a lot of space of the hard drive.

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The O2 dongles provides at least 100 mega bytes of web browsing speed with a download limit of at least 6 gigabytes of data a month. This is a very flexible program considering the fact that most portable internet providers have limited internet capacity. Many people have started to use the o2 dongles for their different daily functions including studying, research, leisure and communication. The charge rates of the o2 dongles internet portable system make it very ideal for people from different fields. The least expensive program which charges at least £15 is the one which provides 100 megabytes of surfing speed. Additional £5 would increase the surfing speed twice which makes it applicable for businessmen who are always on the go but is in need of an internet source.

The O2 dongles also provides other programs which has specific special applications. One of the most common program availed is the international wide coverage which allows users to have their internet connection maintained even when they travel abroad. This is extremely useful since they no longer need to avail of local services of the countries they visit which take a lot of paper work since they are foreigners. The fee would range from £50 to greater depending on the situation. The signal is powered by a satellite which makes it very reliable even during cases of power outages. This feature is one of the best services rated by users who have availed of the services of O2 dongles for several years now.

The O2 dongles has been one of the most sought after portable internet provider since it has been used by over a million Americans for their school activities, work related functions and other very important functions. In fact, the o2 dongles portable internet connector has been recommended by thousands of giant companies since it has been used by their employees for their business processes and transaction. Many of these companies have formed alliances with o2 dongles to have their overall method of communication and connectivity to their clients and customers have better reliability and functionality.

The O2 dongles offers a wide range of flexible programs which can be adjusted depending on the needs and requirements of the users. Normal users who require a simple yet reliable use and connection with the internet can avail of the £15 program which actually provides unlimited internet use. This program can also accommodate at least 9 gigabytes of data transmission which is fast and can handle any type of network from different countries.

For users who are in need of better connectivity and a more comprehensive internet use, the £25 program is much more ideal since it can provide them with all the tools and support to handle heavy internet based connections such as web hosting and site construction. This program has been availed by many internet marketers and traders who wish to have the capacity of maintaining their businesses and online tasks. As of today, there are many more features and programs added with the o2 dongles since the number of customer has been constantly growing. It is best that people now use the o2 dongles due to its proven quality of service and wide range of features which easily fits the needs of anyone. This is what separates the o2 dongles from other dongle service providers.