O2 Pay As You Go Dongles


O2 Pay As You Go Dongle Plans

O2 provides pay as you go and contract mobile broadband access. For an individual who uses mobile broadband rarely a pay as you go plan may be worth more to you. We will examine O2 pay as you go internet dongle plans here to help you determine what type of access works better for you. Should you decide that an O2 pay as you go dongle is not for you then feel free to visit our pay as you go dongles section where we compare and review all the leading broadband dongle providers who offer pay as you go package. If you think that you would need to use your dongle on a regular basis then it may be that a contract broadband dongle would be a better option for you. We compare the contract deals from every provider in one comparison table which is sortable and filterable to allow you to select the deal that suits your usage best. Visit the contract dongle section of our site to see the comparison table. If you want to read reviews and guides to help you make your decision. You can also visit our providers page to find out more information about the various internet dongle providers.

First, if you buy just the dongle you will pay £19.99. They have three colours: white, black and pink. All colours are the same price. If you purchase just the dongle you will have to buy data access at a later date. If you purchase the internet dongle plus a three month package the charge is £29.99.

O2 dongles work with Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. They also work with Mac OS. The processor needs to be 1GHz, with hard disk space of 150MB, Ram 1GB, and the need for Internet Explorer 6. In the box you obtain the USB modem and a quick start guide. The dongle is like a memory stick using the USB port. It is also plug and play, meaning you just insert it and let the operating system load the software.

O2 Pay as You Go Dongle Plans

O2 mobile broadband pay as you go has unlimited access in numerous hotspots around the UK. The amount of access will be based on the data allowance you purchase. When you purchase the dongle with internet access, you have instant access. After that period of time you will need to purchase more access. The daily rate is £2 for 200 MB of download. It is available for 24 hours. There is also the unlimited Wi-Fi option of 500 MB, though this is a promotional deal that will end.

Basically, it means you purchase 1GB of download and get 3 months of WiFi, unlimited, with the current deal. Another option for O2 mobile broadband dongles is 2GB and 1 month unlimited WiFi. Remember though, the unlimited WiFi is good only as long as the promotion is available. You may find in time all that is available is the gigabytes.

O2 works differently than T Mobile and other pay as you go options. With T-Mobile you pay for 3 months or 90 days access then there is a daily rate. With O2 you purchase 1GB or 2GB for download time. Once you use up the purchased gigabytes you have to purchase more on the pay as you go plan.

You can purchase 1 day’s worth of internet access or go with a longer term option. The longer term option requires a contract or to purchase more than one day at a time in the pay as you go plan. In this way you pay for what you feel you will use. Once you hit the limit on access megabytes or gigabytes you have to purchase more.

For example, if you go with 200MB for the £2 which is the daily rate and use up the 200MB in one hour you would have to pay an additional fee to get back online. It is most cost effective for individuals who do not download more than 200MB in one day. It is also a good plan for those who tend to use only 1 to 2 GB per month. For more gigabytes or unlimited a contract is required.