Orange PAYG Dongles - Compare Orange Pay As You Go Dongle Plans


Orange Pay As You Go Dongles

Orange has a slightly different option when it comes to pay as you go internet dongle plans. They use animals to decide on the plans you have to choose from. For example, Raccoon and Dolphin are the types of internet dongle plans. Under each animal you have a different “pay as you go” price.

Orange Pay as You Go Dongle Plans

Under the Raccoon plan there are two pay as you go choices. They are actually called a one month contract, but the idea is the same. There are two plans with Raccoon for a one month contract: 5p per MB or 500MB anytime. The 5 pence per MB has a cap of £40. You also have a choice in internet dongle. The cheapest dongle is £29, with the ultimate dongle at £39. The dongle is a one-time fee. After you purchase the dongle you can pay per month for the type of usage you feel you will have and cancel at anytime. It is £5 or £10 based on the pence per MB or anytime plan, respectively.

The dolphin plans are slightly different. You have a 1GB anytime plan for a per month contract that is 15 pounds per month. You can end the contract at anytime. The dongle is 15 pounds. The second plan under dolphin is a 1 month plan for 1GB anytime and unlimited public WiFi usage for 20 pounds per month.

As mentioned Orange pay as you go plans are different from other companies. Usually pay as you go means you purchase a set amount of gigabytes and top up your gigabytes once you have used them all. It means if you use the gigabytes and still have half a month left over you can purchase a new plan that is good for one month. With Orange you are technically on a contract plan, but it is a month to month leaving you with flexibility that many pay as you go dongle plans provide users.

Another difference with Orange is that you have certain limits on when you can use the gigabytes you purchase. In a 12 month contract you may purchase 1GB anytime usage and then 1GB quiet time allowance. Then there is the unlimited public WiFi option in which you use the dongle to get connected to the public wireless signal. A public signal does not require a code and is an unsecured network.

Other companies with mobile broadband do not have anytime or quiet time data usage allowances. Instead, you can log on whenever you wish. They also charge a bit more for their dongles at Orange than companies like T Mobile or O2. Still, you may find if you are already with Orange via mobile phone that your mobile broadband package through them is worth it.

For existing Orange customers there is a deal for £5 off per month with a contract for mobile broadband. A discount can be worthwhile based on how often you feel you will use the mobile broadband pay as you go option. For those who use less than 1 GB the per pence package is the best for a month to month pay as you go contract, rather than obtaining a certain amount of data usage for the month.