T Mobile Pay As You Go Dongles


T-Mobile Pay as You Go Dongles

T-Mobile is a leading UK mobile phone and mobile broadband provider. They provide you with two types of contract for their mobile broadband and internet dongle packages. The first is a pay per month plan, requiring a contract. For those who do not use their internet dongles very much or do not want a contract there is the pay as you go method. T Mobile pay as you go internet dongle plans are flexible and cost effective if you are an occasional internet user. If you use the internet regularly, every day and often want to stream TV from your laptop (using a service like Lovefilm, for example) you will find that your data won’t last very long and therefore you may be better of choosing one of the contract dongle plans available from T- Mobile or another of the mobile broadband providers.

To begin, T-Mobile internet dongle plans on a pay as you go option include the cost of the USB mobile broadband stick and an allotment of time for internet access. You will pay up front for a certain amount of usage. With T Mobile their pay as you go plans are based on how many gigabytes you want. This will depend on your expected internet usage.

T-Mobile Pay as You Go Internet Dongle Plans

With T-Mobile, you buy the pay as you go dongle for a set price and it is loaded up with 1GB of data which lasts for up to 90 days. After you have used the data, or the 90 day period has ended, you will need to top up with more data.

As part of their package, T Mobile offers memory storage on the USB stick. There is space for 4GB of memory should you wish to store photos, tunes, and files. Their product also works with Mac and Windows 7. The download speed for T Mobile pay as you go internet dongles is 7.2 megabytes per second. It is a fast enough speed for most video and music downloads. The best part about their product is the ease of use. After you purchase the dongle and receive it in the mail, you simply plug and play.

T Mobile has one of the largest networks in the United Kingdom for internet connections. About 80 per cent of the United Kingdom has T mobile service. You can drive from your home to other areas in the country, all the while staying connected on your laptop or other mobile device. If you need to check coverage then you can visit the coverage section of our site or read reviews in order to determine whether T-Mobile is right for you.

It is the same size as any USB memory stick, meaning you can put it in your pocket and it will go with you wherever you go. You can also attach it to a lanyard or other device if you fear losing it. It is probably best to have it attached to something like your keys, to ensure it will always be safe.

Other systems the internet dongle is compatible with include Windows XP, Vista, Mac OS 10.4, 10.5, and 10.6. It works with Linux as well. The pay as you go plan for internet dongles starts out at £39.99. The purchase contains the plug and play software technology on the internet dongle, 4GB memory card for storage, and your access to the internet for 90 days.

After the plan ends you can determine if you wish a different package than the daily usage rate. This depends on how much you feel you will use the internet dongle. For those who will use it every day for many hours a contract may be the better choice simply for the savings it can bring, as opposed to the daily rate.