3 Pay as You Go Dongle - Compare Three Internet Dongle Plans


Three Pay as You Go Dongle

Three offers a variety of ways to get on the internet with your mobile devices. They offer MiFi plans for those who wish to have a router and more than one device online at a time. They also have iPad plans. If you are a simple consumer you probably want an internet dongle plan in which you use a USB modem stick, much like USB memory sticks. If you are uncertain how often you will get online then you should start out with the pay as you go plan for internet dongles.

Three Pay as You Go Internet Dongle Plans

Pay as you go plans from 3 are very flexible. You can purchase preloaded amounts of internet access to use at your convenience. With 3 you do have a certain limit placed on how long the gigabytes of usage are available from. For example the pay as you go plus 1 is a pre loaded plan with 1 gigabyte of data that lasts for 30 days. Pay as you go 3 is 3 gigabytes for three months. Twelve gigabytes are available for 12 months. Basically, you have a gigabyte of data usage per month. After you use up the gigabytes you simply purchase more usage often on a daily or monthly rate.

You are not locked into a contract with the pay as you go plans. It means you can purchase more gigabytes per month should you end up using more than one gigabyte. They only place a limit on the amount of time you can leave the gigabytes sitting around in order to keep you online and to keep up with the actual usage amount you have. If they were to give you an unlimited amount of time to use the gigabytes you could forget about them or technology could change, leaving you without the data usage.

To determine the proper pay as you go package you should understand what 1 gigabyte a month can do for you. You can send up to 1000 emails, be on the internet for 10 hours, download 5 four minute videos, and download 32 four minute music tracks. The packages discussed above are not the only option 3 offers.

They have 3GB, 5GB, 7GB, and 15GB plans for monthly access. In other words, if you feel you will send 3000 emails, be on the internet for 30 hours, download 15 four minute videos, and 96 four minute music tracks in one month the 3GB pay as you go option is better.

If you will be on the internet each day for 8 hours a day using the internet dongle, a contract with unlimited usage and a monthly payment is a better option. However, most individuals using internet dongles do so only when they are outside of their home or office. If you rarely go to cafes or other hotspots you may not need as much access with an internet dongle.

For those who go over their pay as you go monthly limit by using up all the gigabytes in a few days or weeks, you can always purchase another month of access. On the day you purchase the access that month will begin again. 3 provides a different option than unlimited access for a period of one to three months, and then a daily rate afterwards. It may be more cost effective with 3. If you are still not sure which pay as you go dongle package is for you then feel free to browse through our whole pay as you go dongles section to find the best product for you.