Dongle Speed Test - Test Your Internet Connection Speed

Speed Test

Dongle Speed Test

The internet speed test is designed to tell you what you are currently getting from your dongle provider. The speed test was created to prove that internet users are getting the speed advertised by the various dongle providers operating in the UK. The test will work in two ways with regards to the information it will test.

The speedtest first checks the download speed. The download speed is supposed to be the faster of the two. The second speed it tests is upload speed. Download speed is in terms of megabytes per second ranging from 0 to over 40. Most places in the UK will have speeds lower than 12mbps, though cities like London do have 20mpbs in certain districts. 40mbps is currently the fastest speed being offered anywhere including the US. It is usually provided to affluent areas or businesses that can afford and require the much faster speeds. Download speeds determine how quickly a web page will load in your browser, as well as how quickly you can download a file from the internet to be saved on your computer. Obviously, the faster your speed from the internet service provider the quicker you get to see the page or document. It saves time for both work and personal.

Using Our Internet Speed Test Tool

If you want to test your broadband using the broadband speed test you may want to use the speed checker on this site as it is completely free. Other sites offer the test, but they may charge you for it or they may require something to be downloaded. These sites are not legitimate. A site that will not charge you or require a download is legitimate. Even your internet service provider most likely offers you a broadband speed checker.

Before you use the test it is best to double check what speed you are using. You can check broadband speed by looking at your bill for the mbps or by calling the service provider. Once you know that you can run the broadband speed check. It should result in your internet offering you the exact amount that the provider has promised you. There are certain factors that can produce a lower speed though. If you have more than one internet window open or you surf while the test is running it may show a slower speed. This is because you are using some of that speed for the test in addition to surfing the internet.

In that same vein if you run streaming video you use more internet speed, therefore the speed left over for another computer can be less. If you have more than one computer on the internet while running the speed test it will also affect how the test comes out. It is always best to test internet speed without any other computers on or any windows open. You can then test it with other windows and computers on, but double check the basics first.

Once the download test is complete it will immediately start the upload speed so that you can ‘test my broadband speed’ properly. The upload speed is how long it takes an attachment or other file to be uploaded from your computer to the internet. It is a slower speed. You may find at most 5mbps and usually most internet providers offer 1.5mbps.

When you test broadband speed and the results do not match the provider speeds you are supposedly getting even with all other windows and computers closed down, you should call your provider. There may be something wrong with the connection, the router, or something else could be going on such as weather affecting the signal.