Our Tools

You have arrived at the tools section of this website. In this section you will find the internet speed test and dongle coverage checker. These two tools are designed to help you find the perfect internet service provider for your online needs. We will introduce these tools to you so that you know what they can provide for you and how to use them.

Dongle Speed Test

The dongle speed test is to check your current internet service provider for whether they are offering you the advertised speed you purchased. If you are unsure what speed you should have it is best to contact your provider or look on your bill. You need to know what the download and upload speed are in order to check the accuracy of the speed test. The speed test will begin with the download speed and then check the upload speed giving you the values between each test. The download speed is most often what customers are concerned about because they want fast speeds for streaming radio, video, surfing the internet, and other online fun like games. Upload speeds are how long it takes to upload a file to the internet or a server. Obviously the faster speeds are what most people want, but there are budget concerns. If you have 1.5mbps download and it is not fast enough you will want to check what coverage you have in your area.

Dongle Coverage Checker

The dongle coverage checker helps you determine which internet service providers are available in your area and what speeds deals they may offer you. For example most areas have broadband speeds of 1.5mbps download with 1mbps upload. Cities like London may have areas with 20 to 40mbps download speeds and up to 5mbps upload. To check what your area has it is best to use the coverage checker tool.

This tool is easy to use as it just requires you to input your address information. The post code along with the apartment or house number will help the website’s database to locate which providers are in your area, what speeds they offer, and even a comparison of the available mobile broadband options.

These two tools are best used together if you have any questions about your current speed. You can use the speed checker to find out what speeds you are getting if you do not know, but it is always best to confirm what you should have with the internet service provider you use. In this way you can decide if you want to stay with the internet provider and just increase the speed package you currently have. The coverage checker will tell you if your current provider has a better package at higher speeds than you currently have, as well.

Our tools section is designed to make it easy for you to examine your current internet options and what may be available to you. The industry changes quickly and providers are endeavouring to offer you better speeds in more areas than before.