Unlimited Mobile Broadband - Compare Plans and Deals


Looking for an unlimited data mobile broadband plan?

Our comparison engine enables you to quickly compare all of the UK provider’s plans based on their download limit.

It is not possible to actually get a plan with a completely unlimited data allowance. Currently the maximum data available within the monthly contract allowance is 50gb which is available from EE. Other networks currently offer packages with up to 25gb.

Use the table above to compare packages with the highest data allowances to identify the best deals. If you would prefer to compare all mobile broadband plans then head over to our main mobile broadband deal finder page.

How Much Data Do You Need?

This depends on what you plan to do with your mobile broadband. If you have arrived at this page then it is likely you are expecting to make heavy use of the package. In that case a data allowance of between 25gb and 50gb will go a long way.

If you reach the maximum data allowance on your contract plan then you do have the option to buy a top up of data. This protects you from the risk of accidentally downloading material that could result in an enormous bill. Indeed Ofcom have said that the Mobile Network providers must not advertise any mobile broadband package as featuring an unlimited data allowance.

High data plans are very popular with people who use a mobile broadband device for a work related laptop where they travel frequently. In this instance an internet dongle package is likely to be preferable. If you will use the device mainly from one location or if you expect more than one laptop or Internet enabled device to access the Internet at the same time then a wifi broadband package will be a better choice. The UK networks offer very high data plans for both type of mobile Internet device.

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Getting Close To An Unlimited Plan

The advent of 4G means that more and more people are using their mobile broadband to watch video content which uses up a lot of data. Data charges are getting cheaper and as they do the UK network providers are more likely to extend the data that you can get included with your mobile broadband package.

One last consideration to bear in mind is that if you want a very large data allowance then you are better off choosing a pay monthly contract package as the data cost is a lot cheaper than the Networks offer on pay as you go packages.