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Compare Mobile WiFi Dongle Deals

Many of us use Wi-Fi at home to connect to all manner of devices. For the past several years it has also been easy to connect at cafes and hotels with free Wi-Fi. These connections are unsecured, which is why many have started turning to the latest technology called Mobile Wi-Fi or MiFi. A MiFi unit is no larger than a Smartphone, but it allows a person to connect to the 3G or 4G network in their area, as well as other devices. Friends and family can be sitting around a table at a coffee shop on a secured network conducting their online business with this mobile device.

Many deals are currently available on the market with contract and pay as you go offers. Before you start comparing or just selecting one deal it is helpful to learn how to choose between your options.

Equality Not So Much with Mobile WiFi

It is best to realize mobile WiFi devices are not created equal. Many of us are familiar already with USB dongles that look more like a memory stick. These are highly common and the cheapest possible devices to use for connecting wherever you go. The MiFi and other similar devices are more advanced not only in allowing multiple devices to connect at one time, but in the hardware construction.

Mobile WiFi vsĀ USB

Mobile WiFi devices will work with any Wi-Fi device with an easy to share connection and setup. These devices are more expensive than USB dongles, have a limited battery life, and in some cases they can be less secure. It truly depends on you and the password you create.

USB dongles are extremely cheap and often used for the pay as you go connections. They are secure since they belong to only one computer or mobile device at a time. This means you are limited to only one person connected and typically the dongle is set up for a specific operating system. It means you cannot change it to a new device unless that new device has the same operating system.

Is the Mobile WiFi Setup Best for You?

The main reason behind mobile WiFi is to connect with multiple devices all at once. There are some individuals who do so for holidays when they rent a caravan, go camping, or travel throughout the UK. There are also others who replace their home connection with a wireless set up doing away with the fixed line. For those who do not use the Internet that much it can be very helpful to keep their costs down, but for someone who is always on the Internet at home it is a very expensive change. Additionally a person who only needs to use one wireless device at a time could go with the USB dongle since it is cheaper.

Comparing Mobile WiFi Products

When comparing mobile WiFi there are six considerations to make. These six aspects can vary greatly between providers.

  • Setup: this is the cost of getting the dongle or WiFi product, as well as setting up a contract for the deal.
  • Monthly Price: this is what you will have to pay if you decide to go with a contract. You will have a top up fee if you choose pay as you go, which can actually be more in the long run than a contract.
  • Contract: you can go with one month up to two years on a contract. It is best to compare these deals based on the setup fees, monthly price, and if the contract offers you free equipment.
  • Speed: this is the column that will explain how fast your Internet connection is going to be. In recent years only 3mbps was offered. This is easily going to change where you might get a higher average speed like 7mbps on the market soon.
  • Downloads: this is the amount you can download each month without going over contract or needed to top up for more connectivity.

When ready look at the comparison table and make your choice regarding the best product for you and your use.