Three WIFI Review


Three WiFi Review

All mobile broadband providers have their own mobile broadband device, whether it is a dongle or something more involved like Three’s mobile wireless router design. Three’s mobile broadband device is called MiFi. MiFi is a compact wireless router with aspects much like the bigger versions. The best part about MiFi is the ability to travel with it and plug into wireless hotspots with ease. It works by back connecting to a mobile data network and front connection to WiFi devices locally. It usually has a distance of 10 metres, meaning the distance away from the router one can be with their computer and still have a wireless internet connection. Distance also determines the speed of the connectivity.

Three MiFi uses Three’s mobile broadband in order to make a WLAN connection for mobile phones and laptops. With Three MiFi you do not need a fixed broadband connection, but rather a plan with Three in order to establish a pass code and connection with their wireless system.

Compare Three WiFi Against Competitors For The Best Deal

The main difference with Three mobile MiFi versus the much smaller mobile dongles sold through other companies is the ability of the device to connect to more than one computer or device. With Three mobile broadband and a wireless modem like 3 WiFi system you are able to have more than one laptop or mobile phone online and accessing the internet. You also do not need wires or BT phone lines to obtain the connectivity.

Simply unlock Three MiFi by choosing one of the plans they have on the market. They offer monthly or pay as you go plans. 1GB per one month on a contract is as small as £10.87 per month. On a pay as you go plan you may pay around £134.99 for the device, plus several gigabytes to use. With pay as you go plans you do not have to pay a monthly fee and only need to pay for more gigabytes once you use up those you purchased at the beginning with your Three MiFi device.

Prices can vary if Three has a current promotion or special. They also have different products regarding the amount of gigabytes you pay for each month on a contract. To find a price that bests suits you, we recommend you use our comparison tables, our drop down table ensure you search relevant deals for your needs, our products are constantly updated so you will only get the latest deals.

It may seem like a drawback to have the router cost at £69.99. Its size may be a disadvantage for you. However, there are two very good reasons that the price and size should not be a concern. First, the cost is high due to the technology compacted into such a small router device. Unlike the dongle it has the power to run multiple devices. Your friends and family can all share in the connection. It also offers higher quality based on the size and technology kept within. The size is larger than the USB dongle other companies sell, but again you have more power, quality of signal, and the use of multiple devices.

Three is one of two companies in the United Kingdom offering Three mobile MiFi, and yet their costs per month and pay as you go reload options are inexpensive. Our 3 Mifi review will help you determine if the cost is worth it for the device as you can compare the other mobile broadband products such as WIFI Dongles to MiFi.