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In August Vodafone launched a new WiFi product. Before August Vodafone offered a USB dongle like many other United Kingdom mobile broadband and mobile phone companies. USB dongles have their purpose and are in general a great product; however, as technology improves and companies try to fit consumer demand there has been a need for other types of WiFi connectivity. Vodafone Wifi also includes a MiFi style product. MiFi is the name Three gave to their mobile WiFi device made by Huawei.

Vodafone is calling their device Vodafone WiFi, not MiFi to avoid confusion. The mobile wi-fi R205 device is the latest mobile wi-fi from vodafone. The device is 80g, with MicroSD slot, 5.7 megabytes per second download and it charges using a USB plug. There is also a small screen to display the connection details, you can get it on a Pay As You Go plan for £65 and £10 a month top up or get it for free on a 18 month contract for £15 a month with 2GB of data.

With Vodafone Wifi you are able to use five devices at one time. Laptops and mobile phones can both use the wireless device. This is one point of difference between the cheap Vodafone Wifi dongles and the new Vodafone WiFi device. Dongles are meant for one computer or mobile device only because they use the USB port in your computer. They work in a similar manner with back connecting and front connecting in order to receive the data signals from the internet source.

The difference with Vodafone WiFi’s newest device is the router. The slim design mentioned above has a router inside much like the larger routers you might have at home for wireless connectivity. Since it is a modem, router, and splitter it allows you multiple connections, while offering the internet signal direct from Vodafone. Its wireless capabilities make certain you do not need a telephone line to bring the internet signal to the device. Your home DSL unit hooks up through the telephone line, modem, and router. It can also broadcast wireless and wired signals.

With a much smaller unit to travel with, you have a completely wireless setup, which uses batteries to power the device. You can charge the device via USB port on your computer.

Compare Vodafone WIFI

There is still some debate over whether Three’s mobile broadband technology is better than Vodafone. However, you can compare Vodafone WiFi online with Three on this site. You can also determine if one company has a better package or option than the other by comparing deals using our comparison table, you will only find the latest deals with us as our products are constantly updated with all relevant deals from UK providers.

Vodafone is a premier mobile phone and mobile broadband provider. They have a variety of different wireless products to fit your needs. As such you will want to compare the products for speed, download, size, and your needs. A dongle is going to be less expensive than the new WiFi package; however, if you want to use multiple devices the new wireless router internet package will be better. As a multi-purpose tool you may find the others using the device do not mind sharing in the cost for the device or even helping with the monthly package, making it more worthwhile.