HTC Smartphones on Contract


HTC’s are renowned for their expertly designed Phones and can be bought for a cheap price on contract. If you’re looking for the best possible HTC deal then luckily for you our phone comparison tool will help you out.

One of the latest phones on the market is the is the HTC One M9. This can be found on most network providers spanning all the way up to full 24 month contracts. You’ll get all the same bonuses as the other Android phones out there but for an affordable price.

Prices for HTC handsets can change all the time, along with various new models being released. Tech Spartan maintain one of the most up to date comparisons for a range of HTC contracts.

HTC is renowned for their customer service and that’s why with a HTC deal, you’ll benefit from the following:

  • Free screen replacement (one time)
  • Latest software updates
  • 100GB of Google Drive storage
  • Free Cloud Backups
  • Hands-On support

If this is not enough HTC phones can be bought on contract with no upfront cost. This means there is no hefty price to pay at the beginning although it does higher your overall contract prices.

HTC Contracts
Contract Prices Low or high budget friendly depending on needs
Apps Uses the largest market Google Play Store
Customisation Fairly customisable, Root-able
Connection All Models are 4G supported
Usability Most up to date Google material UI
OS Version(s) Uses the latest version of Android Lollipop
Stock Browser Google Chrome
Manufacturer HTC


Depending on what you’d like to do with you HTC you may want to check out some other manufacturers such as Apple’s iPhone 6