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Sorry, we currently do not have any Sony Phones to compare.

Sony was founded in 1946 and since then has been making high quality electronics.

Since 2012 we’ve been subject to a range of Sony phone contracts that all claim to offer you the best deal.

However, what is the best Sony phone deal?

Here at Techspartan our teams work 24/7 to find the best possible Sony contract deals out there. By checking out our contract comparison tool you’ll be able to browse through all the latest mobile handsets out there and see the best deal for you.

We keep an up to date list of all the latest and future Sony handsets meaning you’ll find no other place that maintains such a comprehensive comparison.

Currently to two best Sony phones on offer are:

  • Sony Xperia z3 Compact
  • Sony Xperia z3

There are in fact many benefits to getting a Sony phone on contract.

Along with being able to use this phone just about anywhere in the uk you’ll also benefit from the sleek design and affordability this brings.

It used to be the case high quality design means unachievable costs, however sony have came into this market and dominated the design side by managing to keep the end cost low for users.

Whether you’re in the need for a 12 or 18 month contract a Sony phone will be available at a great price with no up front costs.

But there are even more benefits to investing in one for yourself.

All the latest models on offer include:

  • Sony digital noise-cancelling earbuds
  • Physical camera buttons
  • Double Tap wake up
  • Front facing stereo speakers
  • Xperia Lounge freebies

Here’s a table explaining the above content in a simplified version:

Sony Contracts
Contract Prices Affordable
Apps Uses Google Play
Audio Front facing stereo
Connection 4G supported
Usability Most up to date Google material UI
OS Version(s) Unlocked Android Lollipop
Stock Browser Google Chrome
Manufacturer Sony