Sim Only Deals


SIM Only Deals

Here at Tech Spartan we will offer you SIM only deals and SIM only contracts in a comparison format. We want you to find more minutes and more texts for less per month. By using our site you get to save money, while obtaining more from our mobile phone.

You may be asking yourself what SIM only deals are. They are a relatively new product to hit the United Kingdom. Even though there has been some difficulty with the economic turn down the mobile phone market has experienced success. Many people search for a free mobile phone as part of their 12 to 24 month contracts. However, these contracts lock you into the same mobile phone and the contract. What happens if you are unsatisfied by the service, the phone, or just a small aspect of the contract? You are locked into the deals.

This is where the SIM only deals come in that we have mentioned. A SIM only deal or contract means you are not locked into a specific contract like you would be in the regular mobile phone deals. Instead you will be paying a certain fee each month in a rolling contract.  In other words if you do not want to continue you can cancel the contract.

SIM Only Deal Providers

Most of the leading mobile phone providers offer a SIM only deal. The main offers are listed below:

Three SIM Only Deals

O2 SIM Only Deals

Orange SIM Only

What happens if you need a new phone or want to get one of the new popular mobile phones, with a regular contract?  Generally you have to wait. With the SIM only deals you actually get to switch phones when you want to.  SIM only is talking about the SIM card that is inside the phone.  Each mobile phone has a SIM card which tells the phone company when you use your phone minutes, how many minutes you have used, and what you have left.  The SIM card is important in order to keep the phone working.  When you purchase SIM only deals you get a SIM card.  This card can be used in any phone, but you get to keep your same phone number.

If you do not want to switch phones and have one you like from another mobile phone company, you get to keep it.  For example say you got a free phone a year ago, and you want to keep the phone but switch companies.  The SIM only deals allow you to do this.  That is just part of the reason why you will want to switch to a SIM only deal or contract.  The other reason is that it is definitely cheaper.  You will save more in a month with a SIM only deal than as part of a package with a new phone.

The SIM only contracts allow you to remain with the same company, keep getting the great rates, and have a rolling style contract.  If this does not work for you the other option is prepaid.  You can have a SIM only deal that you pay for a certain amount of minutes, and once used you would have to pay again.  The contracts allow you to use the same amount of minutes in a month, each month.

Typically with SIM only deals you also get extras. These extras can include unlimited texting, unlimited internet access, and free video calling. If you are a frequent texter you might consider a text package. There are also a set number of international minutes each month.