EE Pay As you go sims comparison deals

Pay as you go

EE offer a vast number of pay as you go sim only plans in three different package series: “Everything” packs, “Talk and Text” packs and “Data” packs. The allowance starts from when you top up the card and end after a set period, either 30 days or 7 days depending on the package chosen. With all of their packs you’re given superfast “4GEE” connectivity with no extra cost.

Everything Packs

There are three different “Everything” pay as you go sim card tiers. All of these last for 30 days from the moment that you top up the listed amount. The £10 pack will give you 500mb of data, 150 minutes and unlimited texts. The offering of unlimited texts from the base package is a superb feature as it means that you won’t have to drop a huge amount each month to send all of the messages you need. The data is enough for casual surfing of social media and the web.

Their second package costs £15 and provides you with 4x the data, 2GB. You’re also given 500 minutes and, again, unlimited texts. This hike up in data means that you’ll be able to watch streaming media, take and upload pictures to services such as SnapChat and Instagram and browse social media and the internet fairly heavily without too much worry of going over. The extra minutes also mean that you can have long conversations on a day to day basis.

Their final package costs £25 and is the ultimate sim-only pay as you go package for the heavy smartphone user. You’re treated to 4GB of data, 1000 minutes and unlimited texts. 4GB is more than enough for watching HD video daily or even shooting and uploading it. You can feel free to download multiple apps and games or stream a lot of music with no fears of going over your budget.

Talk and Text Packs

Starting at only £1 for 7 days, EE’s Talk and Text range of packages are perfect for anyone who makes heavy use of mobile phone’s original purpose: talking and texting. All packages come with a modest 10MB of data, not enough to browse the internet comfortably but enough for occasional instant messaging or low quality picture sharing. This is fine, though, as data isn’t the purpose of these packs.

For a £1 top up a week you’re granted 25 minutes and 50 texts. While not a huge amount, this equates to 100 minutes and 250 texts a month for only £4 and is perfect for people who don’t make heavy use of their phone or who have classic style mobiles.

Secondly is their £10 30 day pack, offering 250 minutes and unlimited texts. This increase makes this the perfect all rounder and is still cheap enough to be affordable even to users who don’t make heavy phone use.

Their largest talk and text package costs £15 and lasts, again, 30 days. This provides you with a massive 750 minutes and unlimited texts. This is perfect for heavy phone users who spend a lot of their day chatting to friends, family or colleagues via mobile.

Data Packs

There are two data packages that offer a large amount of data for cheap by providing minimal minutes and texts. Like all other packages, these offer superfast “4GEE” connectivity, enabling up to fibreoptic broadband speeds when out and about.

For £1 a week you’re given 100mb of data, 10 minutes and 10 texts. This means that for only £4 a month you get 400mb of data, a fantastic deal. The given minutes and texts are minimal but this isn’t the focus of data packages and so shouldn’t be a cause for concern.

The second and greatest data pack is £10 a month and offers 1GB of data, 50 minutes and 50 texts. The increase in minutes and texts means that you can send some messages and make a couple of calls but nothing too long term. The data is enough for browsing social media, responding to and checking emails and instant messaging.