giffgaff Sim Only Goodybag deals


Instead of contracts, giffgaff offer “goodybags”: bundles of minutes, texts and data that can be bought and that last for a 30 day period. These can be taken out and setup to recur monthly (with the ability to cancel at anytime for no charge) or just be a one off. From the day of purchase, the given allowance lasts either until it is used up or for the full 30 days. There are two tiers: 3G and 4G, both offering different prices for different allowances. All giffgaff goodybags also enable you with “free to giffgaff”; free calls, texts and video calls to other people on giffgaff. Once your goodybag is used up, you’ll be charged at 10p/minute, 6p/text and 20p/20MB/day, 20p/MB thereafter.


Minutes Texts Data (3G) Cost
60 300 20MB £5 (30 Day)
200 Unlimited 250MB £7.50 (30 Day)
500 Unlimited 1GB £10 (30 Day)
500 Unlimited 3GB £12 (30 Day)
500 Unlimited 5GB £15 (30 Day)
2000 Unlimited Unlimited £20 (30 Day)


4G / LTE connectivity gives you internet speeds as good as modern fibreoptic broadband, provided you have a 4G-ready device.

Minutes Texts Data (4G) Cost
500 Unlimited 1GB £12 (30 Day)
500 Unlimited 3GB £15 (30 Day)
1000 Unlimited 5GB £18 (30 Day)