O2 Contract sims comparison deals


Unlike a lot of other network service providers, O2 offer sim-only contracts in both 30 day terms and 12 month terms. This means that, if you need a certain amount of data, texts or minutes for one month only you won’t have to put in the commitment regularly required of a 12 to 24 month contract. They have a total of 8 tiers:

Minutes Texts Data Monthly Cost
100 Unlimited 100MB 3G £8 (12 Month)£9 (30 Day)
300 Unlimited 300MB 3G £10 (12 Month)£12 (30 Day)
500 Unlimited 500MB 4G ready £13 (12 Month)£15 (30 Day)
1000 Unlimited 1GB 4G ready £16 (12 Month)
Unlimited Unlimited 1GB 4G ready £19 (12 Month)£21 (30 Day)
Unlimited Unlimited 2GB 4G ready £20 (12 Month)£22 (30 Day)
Unlimited Unlimited 5GB 4G ready £24 (12 Month)£27 (30 Day)
Unlimited Unlimited 8GB 4G ready £30 (12 Month)

Such a vast number of packages means that you can choose the allowance that’s perfect for you and pay only for what you need. 4G being available from just £13 a month is a huge benefit too as it allows you to take advantage of the UK’s growing 4G LTE network, enabling speeds up to fibreoptic broadband level.