Tesco Mobile sim only deals and plans comparison

Tesco Mobile

Tesco Mobile was first established in May 2013 and since has been offering its services to the United Kingdom, Ireland, Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Teco offer a multitude of Sim services from Pay as you go, and Contract Sims all fully equipped with a range of unique packages / benefits.

If you are already a user of Tesco’s services then you will benefit from their club card reward scheme which will award you with points for every £1 spent with them. Every time you wish to make a top up on your sim only deal it will make a contribution to available discounts within Tesco superstores.

Tesco mobile offer a 99% UK coverage, making good use of O2’s extensive network. What ever sim package you go for you can be safe in the knowledge that your 3G and 4G data connections will always be available and you will never miss an important call.

Tesco Mobile Pay as you go Sims

Tesco Mobile offer some superb pay as you go sim packages that will fit a range of needs. Amongst the sea of great perks is the Tesco promise of tripling your credit on top-ups of over £10, £15 and £20, this means for a standard top up of £20 you will benefit from £40 of free credit to get you through the month. Tesco Mobile sim deals will allow you to choose a free bundle of 150 minutes, 5000 texts or even 500mb of data every time you decide to top up £15 or more.

Tesco Mobile Contract Sims

Getting a contract sim with Tesco Mobile couldn’t be easier; with the ability to potentially rid of any surprise bills with their useful capped service which allows users to prevent any calls, texts or data going over the predetermined contract limit.

Of course you will still get all the tesco benefits such as racking up those club card points to go towards your next monthly shop. Your UK coverage will be the same as many O2 users and you can benefit from the Quick 4G sim contracts of up to 8GB of data.

Tesco Mobile Free Sims

When you order any package on Tesco mobile your sim will automatically be free, however tesco take this one step further and allow you to order a Sim free of charge from their website. You can actually get upto 4 Sims per household as long as you order each one separately. This is great as it means you will be under no obligation to start paying however it is always a good idea to take a look at what’s on offer before going head into ordering a free Tesco mobile sim.