Three Sim only Deals and plans comparison


Three (or 3) is a network that operates in 10 different countries across the world. The result of this is that they can provide the travelling niche access to their current contract abroad across almost everywhere in the EU due to their network ties. They were formed in 2002 and quickly became known for providing fast 3G connectivity almost everywhere in the UK for very reasonable pricing schemes.

Three’s “Feel Like Home” service allows residents of the UK to access their contract allowances abroad at no extra cost for roaming. This is the biggest benefit of Three and is perfect for anyone who travels a lot. 3 also offers all of its customers 4G for free, at no additional cost. This means that you can access fibreoptic broadband level of internet speed when out and about without having to worry about costs or similar. Their coverage is, too, fairly impressive, matching that of providers like O2, having won both “Most reliable network” and “Best network for iPhone” according to YouGov in 2014.

3 offer a range of additional services that no other network can provide, such as a free insurance system where they’ll replace a damaged, lost or stolen device in days. You can also send texts and make calls over WiFi if you have no signal. They’re dedicated to getting the latest handsets in store the moment that they become available, running countdowns on their website. Finally, being on contract with Three enables you to access WiFi on all London underground trains.

Three Pay as you go sims

Three offer you a free pay as you go sim card and then additional add ons available thereafter.

There are two of these, costing either £10 or £15. Their prices are the cheapest in the UK, at 3p per minute, 2p per text and 1p per MB. As with all of their services, you’re able to use your mobile phone abroad at no extra cost for roaming.

Three sim only contracts

There are a vast range of contract plan options to be taken out on Three, starting from £8 a month for 500MB of data, 200 minutes and unlimited texts and ending at £27 a month for unlimited data, minutes and texts. Their contracts all fully support tethering, capped at 4GB for unlimited data plans. Speeds are all 4G at no extra cost and calls to 0800 numbers are free. There are a total of 14 different plans available.

Free sims with Three

All of Three’s sim cards are free to order and be delivered. Contracts will require the first payment to be made before anything is sent out, however. Contracts will provide you with the best value for money, however pay as you go will give you complete freedom over when you pay and how much you pay, and you aren’t bound to any sort of long term commitment as you are with most contracts.