Vodafone pay as you go sim cards

Pay as you go

Vodafone’s pay as you go packages benefit from their “Freebees” offers, giving you tailored allowances every time you top up £10 or more, as well as “Rewardz points”, giving you the opportunity to build up loyalty points in exchange for items such as headphones, mp3 players or even brand new smartphones.


When you top-up £10 or more you can be given a custom allowance for 30 days. Below are all of the sim cards offered in the Freebee range.

Freedom Freebee

The Freedom Freebee sim gives you the value of a contract with the freedom of a pay as you go sim card.

Top Up Texts Minutes Data Reward Points
£10 Unlimited 150 500MB 100
£20 Unlimited 500 2GB 4G 200
£30 Unlimited Unlimited 4GB 4G 300
£40 Unlimited Unlimited 6GB 4G 400

Freebee Minutes

With a Freebee Minutes card you’re given a lot of talk time and you get to keep your credit for additional minutes, texts and data.

Top Up Minutes Reward Points
£10 150 100
£20 500 200

Freebee Texts

A Freebee Texts sim card gives you a shedload of SMS messaging and your credit for minutes and data use.

Top Up Texts Reward Points
£10 1000 100
£20 Unlimited 200

Freebee Data

Freebee Data gives you all that you need to get online and surf the web, catch up on TV shows with media streaming services and you get to keep your credit for texting and calling usage.

Top Up Data Reward Points
£10 500MB 100
£20 1GB 200


An International sim card allows you to call abroad for less and lets you keep your top up for use on UK minutes, data and texting.

Top Up International Minutes Reward Points
£10 60 100
£20 100 150
£30 240 300