A tablet is a touch-screen computer with a similar design philosophy to that of smartphones. They are designed to function as a Laptop or Netbook would but with more portability and a lighter weight and form factor. The most well known example of a tablet PC is the iPad series by Apple, but there are plenty of other companies producing tablet devices too, such as Samsung, Google and HTC. Tablet computers are fantastic for surfing the internet, watching films / TV shows on the go and playing games. For each device there are usually several peripherals for things such as keyboards to allow you to easily type up documents and allow the device to function as a full laptop computer.

Taking out a contract will give you internet access and a tablet PC. If you’re thinking about purchasing a tablet then a contract will allow you to access the internet on the go with speeds up to 4G LTE: that’s as fast as modern fibreoptic broadband! Most mobile network providers have a range of tablet contracts available to be taken out. A contract will also allow you to spread the cost of payment across a 12 to 24 month period rather than all at once so that you can get your brand new device as soon as possible, without having to save up.  Using our comparison table above you can take a look at all tablet contracts currently available and compare which options best meet your requirements.

Anytime internet access on a contract

In order to access the internet on the move you’ll need a contract. The alternative is using the free hotspot locations dotted around the country, although these can often unfortunately be few and far between. On contract you’ll be able to access the internet from anywhere at anytime you need it, even if no WiFi hotspot is available. This will greatly improve your experience with a tablet PC as one of their main functions is as a means of accessing and browsing the web or watching videos on sites such as YouTube.

What tablet is best for me?

There are a lot of tablets available and so making the right choice can seem fairly overwhelming. If you primarily use an Apple Macintosh computer or your daily driver is an iPhone then an iPad would be the perfect companion as you can take advantage of Apple’s services. Even if you aren’t: the iPad is unmatched in terms of user friendliness and ease of use.

However, if your computer OS of choice is Windows then you can move your Windows 8 experience directly onto a tablet with Microsoft’s “Surface Pro” range of tablets: literally Windows 8 computers built as tablets. These are the best of the best right now, although don’t come in sizes smaller than 11” and are as heavy as a regular laptop and so may not always be the best option.

The final alternative is the most widely developed range of tablets: Android tablets. These run various different skins and feature several tweaks and additions to the default Android experience. A huge series of developers create these devices: Samsung, Dell, Google, HTC.. the list goes on. These are the ideal all rounders and are especially good if you’re a heavy Google Services user as most features are built into the apps. When shopping for a tablet, you want to look at your requirements. Are you a workaholic who wants to watch videos or films while typing something up on Google Docs or Office 360? Samsung’s TouchWhiz offers superb multi-screen app support. Are you interested in technology and want something that you can hack away at, customise and modify freely? Google’s Nexus range will have you sorted. It all comes down to personal preference. All tablets are great for watching films, TV shows and videos, editing and creating documents and playing the very latest mobile games.

Apple Tablet Contracts Android Tablet Contracts Windows Tablet Contracts
Contract Prices Largely Higher Priced Contracts Prices vary wildly High, Mid & Low ranged prices
Apps Largest amount of apps Most diverse amount of apps Least amount of available apps
Customisation Restrictive Large amount of freedom Moderate amount of customisation
Connection All 4G supported Range from 4G to 2G Range from 4G to 3G
Usability Very easy to use and get to grips with Can be harder depending on user knowledge Moderately easy to use on larger screens
OS Family OS X, UNIX Linux Windows
Internet Browser Safari Google Chrome ( or android browser) Internet explorer
Manufacturer Apple Inc Google, LG, Samsung, HTC, Sony, ASUS, Motorola, and many more Microsoft, Nokia, Bush, Linx and Connect 7”
Cross compatibility All Apple products All Android devices & selected Apple / Windows Products Most Window devices, selected Apple / Android Products