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A guide to Apple Tablet contracts without all the fluff and straight to the point.

Apple tablets are convenient, easy to use and most importantly visually pleasing – hundreds and thousands of people use them world wide from recreational to medical use. Apple is the industry standard and offer the best tablets on the market.

Buying an apple tablet on contract is a great way to get an Apple tablet and spread the cost via the monthly subscription payments for the internet data allowance. You will need to pay a moderate upfront fee and then monthly payments. Contract plans vary from 12 to 14 month contract plans. The longer the contract the lower the monthly payments but you do end up paying more overall.

If you are considering buying an apple tablet on a monthly contract plan then there are a number of issues that you should consider first. This guide walks you through those issues.

What iPad is best for me?

From the iPad Air to iPad mini there is a selected range of models available on offer from Apple that give very competitive deals to suit all of your needs. Your starting point is to decide which tablet is right for you. This will largely depend on your budget at spec requirements.

iPad Air 2

Offering a capacity of up to 128gb the iPad Air 2 is the largest and one of the lightest 2048 x 1536 resolution tablets on the market offering a fully laminated display and anti reflective coating putting it s spec above the rest. You can expect prices to be much higher on this premium tablet however the 64bit A8X Chip & M8 motion coprocessor will give you all the processing power you’ll ever need on a tablet.

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iPad Air

The predecessor to the the iPad Air 2 is of course the iPad Air. Boasting a less impressive maximum storage capacity of only 32gb  this tablet can be found on the market at a fraction of the cost with full 4G coverage. The screen and chipset may be slightly lower in the pecking order but that does not stop this tablet from being miles above the rest.

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iPad Mini 3

Being one of the latest in the mini range this model has many of the same features as the iPad Air and can be bought for around the same price despite the smaller screen. This is down to the impressive compact features squeezed into such a small space and still weighing only 341g. For a device that will give you the freedom of mobility but all the same cool features as its bigger siblings it is definitely worth checking out.

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iPad Mini 2

As a middle contender for the iPad series this tablet shares most of its features with the iPad Mini 3 but only has a maximum size of 32GB. If you’re looking for something in between of specs this will fit nicely within any Apple budget and still boast an impressive A7 chip, retina display and full 4G compatibility.

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iPad mini

When first introduced this piece of kit was hailed as revolutionary in a world that is ever racing to create smaller things. The cheapest of the Apple iPads available this tablet can only be had with 16GB’s of space but don’t that let that put you off its 5MP iSight Camera or 1080p video recording. This tiny iPad is the lightest of the range and works as a cost effective solution to someone trying to break into the the Apple market.

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What kind of contract prices can I expect?

Apple tablet internet contracts are great to have whether you own an iPad or iPhone. It is one of the best ways to enjoy the use of their products whilst knowing you can continue browsing the web without the worry of dropping connection in the middle of an important presentation. Deals on contract are often great value for money as in most cases you will be able to get your hands on an iPad at a reduced price or even for free!

Contract Type 1 Contract Type 2 Contract Type 3
Free Reduced Price Full Price


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Why buy an Apple Tablet contract?

As is always the case, if you are going Apple chances are you already have another Apple product or are looking to invest in one of their products in the near future. The Clean and simple IOS 8 operating system allows for easy access to applications and browsing features on the go.

Apple contracts are usually sold at a higher price but offer a premium service to its customers meaning you can always expect to get the best from your tablet device regardless of where you are. Improvements are always added & updated from the health kit, to universal device syncing across multiple iPhone’s, Tablets and even TV.

You will never find a shortage in apps as there are over 675,000 designed specifically for the iPad and its stunning retina display – this amazing range of apps includes many exclusive titles only to IOS  and can boost productivity, provide entertainment and even assist you in everyday activities.

Apple Tablet Contract comparison’s

Although Apple Tablets are great, there are two other major competitors in play giving you a reason to compare your options. Whether you end up choosing Apple, Android or Windows Tablet contracts make sure your choice is informed.

Apple Tablet Contracts Android Tablet Contracts Windows Tablet Contracts
Contract Prices Largely Higher Priced Contracts Prices vary wildly High, Mid & Low ranged prices
Apps Largest amount of apps Most diverse amount of apps Least amount of available apps
Customisation Restrictive Large amount of freedom Moderate amount of customisation
Connection All 4G supported Range from 4G to 2G Range from 4G to 3G
Usability Very easy to use and get to grips with Can be harder depending on user knowledge Moderately easy to use on larger screens
OS Family OS X, UNIX Linux Windows
Internet Browser Safari Google Chrome ( or android browser) Internet explorer
Manufacturer Apple Inc Google, LG, Samsung, HTC, Sony, ASUS, Motorola, and many more Microsoft, Nokia, Bush, Linx and Connect 7”
Cross compatibility All Apple products All Android devices & selected Apple / Windows Products Most Window devices, selected Apple / Android Products

Weighing your tablet options

Looking at what iPad contract is best for you, the kind of prices involved and comparisons between all three major competitors, hopefully we have given you all the information to make the decision and either get your hands on a brand new Apple Ipad with a 3G / 4G contract or look at some other options.

Regardless there is no harm in taking a look at some of the different options open to you by using our handy comparison tool that allows you to browse all tablet contract types across a broad range of devices.

In our opinion Apple iPads are at the top of their game and if you are looking for a quality Tablet to incorporate into your daily lifestyle then a contract on an Apple Tablet is certainly superb.

So, if you have read all the way down to hear you can now consider yourself somewhat of an Apple contract