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The Apple iPad Pro is currently unavailable to purchase on contract. Here are a selection of the best alternative iPad deals.

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Introducing the iPad Pro

The iPad Pro is one of the most exciting tablets to hit the market in a long, long time and, as you would expect from Apple, it doesn’t disappoint. Stacked with features and touted by many as a genuine laptop replacement, the iPad Pro on contract looks set to be a winner right from the start.

What makes it different?

Apple’s latest offering to the tablet world is its largest to date. Its 12.9-inch Retina display is packed with 5.6 million pixels to give you the sharpest screen available on any iOS device. It also enables you to do so much more than previous incarnations of the iPad ever could. Even editing 4K video is possible on the Pro.

The sound system has been given an overhaul too, with 4 speakers supporting the new and improved display. To put this in some sort of perspective, these extra speakers give the Pro three times the acoustic output of the iPad Air, and it means the days of cupping your hand to direct the sound are numbered too!

With all this new kit on board it’s hardly surprising that Apple have decided to give the Pro a little more oomph behind the scenes as well. Powered by an impressive A9X third-generation 64-bit chip, the iPad Pro is more than capable of delivering astonishing results.


As good as all these features are, it is the all-new Smart keyboard (RRP £139) that has received the most attention in the iPad Pro reviews to date. For those who prefer a physical keyboard, this new addition to the Apple tablet range is a godsend. Placed unobtrusively inside a case that folds out into a full-size keyboard, this is sure to be a boon for those who need full portability and functionality from their device.

Another newcomer that you’ll be able to take advantage of once you’ve picked up a cheap iPad Pro contract is the Apple Pencil (RRP £79). What is it? Well, it’s a stylus, but not as you know it. The Apple Pencil is capable of scanning twice as often as regular touch and it can also detect force and tilt as well as position. This enables the user to draw on the screen in a much more intuitive fashion. Push harder for darker, thicker strokes. Go lightly for thinner, lighter strokes.

Getting the best deal

As with all Apple devices, getting your hands on this new tablet for anything substantially under the recommended retail price is going to be tricky. Thankfully, there is one way to get one of these fabulous tablets right now without a huge initial outlay, and that is to compare iPad Pro contracts rather than shelling out for the device up front.

Searching for the best iPad Pro contract deals available can help you to spread the cost of purchasing your device and it’ll get you hooked up to the latest 4G LTE cellular networks too. So, check out our comparison tables today to find out exactly what’s on offer. You could end up with an iPad Pro in your hands faster than you think.