HTC Tablet Contract deal comparison Guide


HTC are one of the original Android device manufacturers, largely responsible for creating some of the earliest smartphones and popularising the Android software. When the tablet craze hit they weren’t hesitant to launch into that market, coming up with the HTC Flyer in 2011: a 7 inch tablet PC with a full customised UI for the larger screen.

Tablets are very similar to smartphones although feature a larger display and usually better specifications. They’re a fantastic alternative to laptops for those who need the portability or the distractionless functionality of a smart device. They’re also usually a lot cheaper, which is another benefit.

When buying a tablet, contracts are a fantastic idea as they allow you to pay monthly installments rather than all at once and get a monthly data allowance for internet access anytime, anywhere. You can take out a contract across a period of 12 – 24 months.

Why a HTC Tablet?

HTC aren’t new to the market by any rate. They’ve existed since the infancy of smartphones, being credited with the creation of the first Android, Microsoft and Microsoft 3G smartphone. They developed the very first 4G enabled phone available to the USA. Long story short, they know what they’re doing and how the smart device business works.

There are 3 HTC tablet options: the Nexus 9, the HTC JetStream and the HTC Flyer. The Nexus 9 is one of the very best available Android tablets currently on the market, boasting a beautiful 1080p HD 8.9” display and the latest Android 5.0, Lollipop. The other two devices are a little older but if you don’t need to be on the cutting edge then they’re perfect for watching films, TV shows and videos or playing the very latest mobile games. The JetStream is 10.1” large with an 8MP dual-LED flash back camera, capable of recording in 1080p@30fps.  It was released September 2011 and yet still features some fairly impressive specifications, even by today’s standards. The Flyer is HTC’s original tablet, coming in at 7” with still impressive specifications. The camera has 720p capabilities which is fantastic for early 2011. It features true stereo speakers and Android 2.3.

Why go for a contract deal?

Many see contracts as a burden: you’re stuck with them for two years and in the case of theft of irreparable damage you’ll still have to pay. This is true, but the benefits vastly outweigh the negatives. With an HTC tablet contract you’ll have internet access whenever and wherever it’s needed, usually with 4G speeds up to 40mbps: that’s about 3 minutes to download a 90 minute movie in high definition. Tablets are, too, durable, more so than phones and so fatal damage is highly unlikely. Even if you’re still worried about that, insurance is fairly cheap starting at as little as £3 a month to cover a device.  Finally, if you haven’t the expendable money to pay up front £200 – £400, contracts are similar to finance options allowing you to spread the cost of a device across a usually customisable period of time. This means that there are practically no financial concerns when purchasing a new device meaning that you won’t need to hold back. An HTC tablet contract is ideal for those who want to fully utilise owning a new device.

The final decision for a HTC tablet on contract

HTC is a good company, although their software skins and lack of a range of different devices may not appeal to all. Tablet prices can also vary fairly largely. See our table below on costs and choosing the best option.

Apple Tablet Contracts Android Tablet Contracts Windows Tablet Contracts
Contract Prices Largely Higher Priced Contracts Prices vary wildly High, Mid & Low ranged prices
Apps Largest amount of apps Most diverse amount of apps Least amount of available apps
Customisation Restrictive Large amount of freedom Moderate amount of customisation
Connection All 4G supported Range from 4G to 2G Range from 4G to 3G
Usability Very easy to use and get to grips with Can be harder depending on user knowledge Moderately easy to use on larger screens
OS Family OS X, UNIX Linux Windows
Internet Browser Safari Google Chrome ( or android browser) Internet explorer
Manufacturer Apple Inc Google, LG, Samsung, HTC, Sony, ASUS, Motorola, and many more Microsoft, Nokia, Bush, Linx and Connect 7”
Cross compatibility All Apple products All Android devices & selected Apple / Windows Products Most Window devices, selected Apple / Android Products