Nexus 7 contract deals, comparing the best options

Nexus 7

The Nexus range of tablets is Google’s own. This means that it runs stock Android and gets updates before anyone else. It’s as free and open as a properly manufactured device can get. The Nexus 7 was originally made in 2012 by ASUS and was received extremely well by critics and reviewers for its speed and reliability, so much so that it’s still being manufactured today although in much smaller quantities. In 2013 Google once again got ASUS to develop a top of the range 7” tablet, ready to support the KitKat and Lollipop updates and once again they delivered a superb device that, despite being a year old, still holds its own.

The 7” display is beautiful at 323~ PPI and features Corning Gorilla Glass to protect against the nastiest of drops and all scratches. The device features 2GB of RAM along with a dedicated GPU meaning that it’ll run any and all games and apps available on the Google Play store without breaking a sweat. This device supports 4G/LTE connectivity and speeds, meaning that taking out a contract will allow you access the internet at fibreoptic broadband level speeds rather than having to rely solely on WiFi hotspots. This’ll also enable you to stretch out payment for your tablet across a 12 to 24 month period. See below for a full list of specifications.

Screen 7”, 1200×1920, 323ppi, Corning Gorilla Glass, IPS LCD
Camera 5MP, 1080p@30fps, no flash
Speakers Back facing true stereo
Battery 3950mAh, around 9 hours screen-on time.
Software Android 4.1, upgradable to Android 5.0
Storage 16/32GB, no microSD slot
Year of release 2013