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Samsung are one of a few companies making a wide variety of Android tablets built to fit all needs. From devices aimed at children to both 9” and 10.5” displayed general purpose sets, Samsung’s Galaxy Tab range will have your specific requirements covered.

For those who are unsure; a tablet is similar to a smartphone except on a larger scale. They usually feature much better specifications and larger screens whilst still retaining the portability that is lost when buying something as large as a laptop. They’re perfect for surfing the web, watching videos, TV shows and films, playing games and typing up documents.

A tablet on contract allows you spread the cost of payment across 12 – 24 months rather than having to pay all at once. You’ll also get extra benefits such as a monthly data allowance so you can access the internet anytime, anywhere.

The benefits of going for a Galaxy Tablet on contract

When it comes to tablets, Samsung’s “TouchWhiz” software comes in extremely handy, allowing you to use multiple apps at the same time, access both your home computer and smartphone without any extra apps and take full advantage of a wide range of customization options to tweak your experience to your liking.

What Tablet contract is best for me?

The Samsung Galaxy Tab range is both vast and overwhelming and so finding the perfect device can be a little tricky. Hopefully we’ll be able to help you make your choice easy and perfected.

Galaxy Tab S – The cutting edge

Samsung’s highest spec range (and similarly its most expensive) is the “Galaxy Tab S” range of devices featuring either 8.4” or 10.5” displays and two colour options: “Dazzling White” and “Titanium Bronze”. These feature superb AMOLED displays, top of the range hardware and a variety of additional features such as a finger scanner and “Samsung KNOX” – a security solution. These tablets are for people who want to be on the cutting edge of technology and who are willing to spend around the same amount as a laptop for it. They start at £319.

TabPRO – For both work and play

The TabPRO series is the next step down from the Tab S range. It has a similarly beautiful display whilst lacking the additional features offered by Tab S – including the high price tag. A TabPRO device should suit anyone and is designed for both work and play, integrating a brand new “e-Meeting” service along with multi window and a 2560×1600 resolution.

Galaxy Tab – Sleek, sophisticated, inexpensive

The Galaxy Tab range is Samsung’s most popular for a few reasons: they’re reliable, inexpensive and well-crafted machines available in both 7” and 10.5” screen sizes. Samsung Galaxy Tab’s feature a sleek and sophisticated design that includes a leather-like back cover that both looks and feels premium to hold. The display – while not as good as some other tablets – comes in at just over 720p with a 1280×800 resolution. As is expected of all Samsung sets, it features phone connectivity allowing you to remotely access your handset even if it’s in your pocket and multi-window capabilities. They start at £199

Note – Portable and powerful

The Samsung Galaxy Note range of devices takes after its smartphone counterpart, offering a range of different options. The older devices such as the Galaxy Note 10.1 feature compact displays running Android 4.1, Jelly Bean whilst the newest of devices feature 4G connectivity and the latest Android 5.0, Lollipop. The biggest allure of the Note series is the “S-Pen”, a handy stylus that allows you to easily draw directly onto the screen as if it were a graphics tablet. The devices come in either 10.1” or 8” forms and are designed for easy portability whilst retaining the power expected of a modern tablet device. Prices start at £319 for the newer models.

Why a tablet contract deal?

Taking out a contract will allow you to access the UK’s new yet robust 4G network, giving you speeds almost as good as modern fibre-optic broadband. It’ll also ease the financial loss that is often associated with buying a new device considerably, allowing you to pay in small installments across a 12 to 24 month period rather than all at once.

The final decision

Tablet contract prices can vary and your exact needs may not be met by a Samsung tablet. See below our table on costs and choosing the best option.

Apple Tablet Contracts Android Tablet Contracts Windows Tablet Contracts
Contract Prices Largely Higher Priced Contracts Prices vary wildly High, Mid & Low ranged prices
Apps Largest amount of apps Most diverse amount of apps Least amount of available apps
Customisation Restrictive Large amount of freedom Moderate amount of customisation
Connection All 4G supported Range from 4G to 2G Range from 4G to 3G
Usability Very easy to use and get to grips with Can be harder depending on user knowledge Moderately easy to use on larger screens
OS Family OS X, UNIX Linux Windows
Internet Browser Safari Google Chrome ( or android browser) Internet explorer
Manufacturer Apple Inc Google, LG, Samsung, HTC, Sony, ASUS, Motorola, and many more Microsoft, Nokia, Bush, Linx and Connect 7”
Cross compatibility All Apple products All Android devices & selected Apple / Windows Products Most Window devices, selected Apple / Android Products